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9 Benefits of Orange Oil for Health (Infographic)

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Orange oil is well known for its relaxing, immune boosting and antibacterial properties. There are many uses of orange oil, from muscle pain relief to helping in digestive issues. Orange oil is extracted from the peels of the orange known as Citrus sinesis, native to China. The oil from this citrus variety is known as sweet orange oil, to distinguish from other orange oils such as Bergamot, extracted from the bitter orange Citrus bergamia.

Commonly used in aromatherapy, the uplifting scent of orange oil can reduce anxiety related symptoms and enhance relaxation. It can also help you sleep better. Other orange oil uses include eliminating excess gas from the digestive system and giving relief from muscle spasms. The antibacterial properties of orange oil make it effective in disinfecting wounds as well as preventing gum and teeth infections.

Check out the infographic below for 9 benefits of orange oil.

Benefits of Orange Oil for Health

So those were the top benefits from the orange essential oil in a snapshot. Read here about the detailed recipes of orange essential oil for these benefits. Orange essential oil can be used topically after a 1-2% dilution of the essential oil with a carrier oil. Or you can diffuse it for its sweet mood-lifting aroma at home using an essential oil home diffuser.

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