10 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and Hair

10 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and Hair (Infographic)

If you thought sesame oil is only used in cooking, then think again! Sesame oil has amazing properties for maintaining good skin and hair. Rich in fatty acids, sesame oil helps to absorb nutrients like Vitamin A, D and other antioxidants. In fact, sesame oil was the most widely-used oil in ancient India. Also known as gingelly oil, sesame oil is obtained from sesame seeds.

Using sesame oil for skin has many benefits, including treating scars, deep cleansing the skin preventing wrinkles etc. The antibacterial and moisturizing properties of sesame oil make it an ideal massage oil for skin and hair. It tightens loose skin, heals cracked heels as well as discolored skin. Apart from helping to get rid of dandruff and lice from your head, using sesame oil for hair regularly can also prevent premature greying.

Learn about the 10 beauty benefits of sesame oil for skin and hair below, and then start your new beauty regime!

 10 Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and Hair




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