10 Tips To Improve Your Daily Productivity

10 Tips To Improve Your Daily Productivity

While working from home is super comfortable, it is somewhere pinching on our productivity levels. Enhanced productivity will help you achieve your work goals without fretting about deadlines. Here are some tips to get you started!

While working from home is super comfortable, it is somewhere pinching on our productivity levels. Enhanced productivity will help you achieve your work goals without fretting about deadlines. Here are some tips to get you started!

Many of us might feel that working hours is limited (probably 8-9 hours for many of us), but work is unlimited. Maximum utilization of the given time is vital to improving your daily productivity. You can increase your daily productivity in 2 ways- either increase your working hours or do smart work and finish off in the stipulated time. I am sure most of you will prefer the latter.

How Can I Increase My Productivity Every day?

Being productive at work is not an uphill battle. You need to know how to level up your time management skills. Read on to know strategies that can be implemented to be more productive at work.

1. Limit The Time You Spend On Each Task

Many of us feel that we are quite good at estimating how much time is spent on each assigned task. As per a recent study, only 18-20 % of people can accurately predict completing tasks. Many online tools are available that will help track how much time you are spending on each job daily. Track and limit the time you spend on small tasks such as social media, emails, various apps so that you have enough time to work on bigger ones.

2. Regular Breaks Are Important 

You can improve your ability to concentrate by taking frequent breaks, even though it may sound absurd. Studies show that short breaks can help you maintain a consistent level of performance while performing long tasks. On the contrary, doing your work without taking a single break can result in a decline in your daily productivity as your mind and body become exhausted. Take breaks at frequent intervals, freshen up your mind and get back to work. You should know how to level up your productive time.

3. Work On Self-Imposed Deadlines 

Although we tend to view stress as something bad, it can be beneficial to stay focused and help us attain our goals. Set a deadline and stick to it if you have open-ended projects or tasks. It may sound funny, but you will be surprised by the fact that you have been more productive and focused when you work on self-imposed deadlines or rather when your eyes are glued to the clock.

4. Follow The "Two Minute Rule." 

Steve Olenski, a renowned entrepreneur, recommends the "two-minute rule" to maximize your work time. Try to finish the task or an action that can be completed in less than two minutes. According to him, completing a task immediately is more efficient than postponing it later. It would help if you efficiently worked out your productive day schedule.

You must schedule enough time to complete your day's tasks. You'll find some small and easy tasks to do while creating your list. Make sure to work on them immediately.

Keep your to-do list in mind and make sure you finish it. These small tasks shouldn't take up too much of your time and cause problems.

5. Say No To Meetings 

Meetings can take up a lot of our productive time. Meetings are an inevitable part of the work culture. Instead of conducting, attending, and then complaining about a meeting, ask yourself, is it really necessary. If possible, consider using email, phone, or Web-based meetings that might not hamper your and other productive time.

6. Quit Multitasking 

Multitasking is a skill that can increase efficiency. However, we often think of it as a key skill to improve productivity. Contrary to this, many psychologists believe that multitasking can lose productivity and time. Instead, commit to one task before moving on to the next.

7. Make The Most Of Your Commute 

Make use of the bonus time available to you. You can effectively use your commuting time by converting your commuting time to productive time. Instead of chatting, Facebooking, or playing online games to kill time, you can use this time to plan your productive day schedule, write emails or make your daily to-do lists.

8. Do Not Be Reactive, But Be Proactive 

Responding to incoming calls or emails is important, but it doesn't have to consume your whole day. Do not let emails and phone calls dictate what you do each day. Make a schedule for each day and stick to it.

9. Turn Off Notifications 

One cannot resist the lure of text notifications, voicemails, and emails. Turn off notifications during work hours and make time to check your email and messages. This will help to improve your daily productivity.

10. Minimize Interruptions At Work 

Chatting with your colleague now and then may seem to be innocuous, but it can hamper your daily productivity. You can try to minimize these interruptions at work to remain more focused.

You should resist the temptation to work longer hours or cram more into your already busy schedule to boost your productivity at work. Put aside your ego and consider ways to work smarter rather than harder.

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