Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

15 Amazing Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

What Is Frankincense Essential Oil?

Frankincense essential oil is extracted from the Boswellia serrata trees which are commonly grown in the Somalia regions of Pakistan. Frankincense has a lemony, tangy and woody aroma which is both soothing and relaxing for the mind and body. It has strong anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac and antibacterial properties. Frankincense essential oil is also known that have anticancer effects. It protects the immune system from communicative diseases, viral infections, bacteria and cancerous cells.Frankincense essential oil can transmit messages to the limbic system of the brain that influences parts of the nervous system. This essential oil should be used in subtle amounts in order to avoid toxicity. While purchasing essential oils, it is important to keep in mind that it should be 100% pure, organic and chemical-free. Most essential oils which are labeled as ‚fragrance oil or perfume oil‚ contain preservatives and chemicals which can be harmful to the body.

Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil For Skin

1. Anti-Aging


Frankincense essential oil helps in toning and providing elasticity to the skin. It delays an early onset of aging by stimulating production of collagen and regulating growth of skin cells. It exfoliates the skin off dirt, grime, accumulated toxins and dead skin cells. It reduces fine lines, the appearance of wrinkles, crow‚Äôs feet and hyperpigmentation. Use it as a toner by adding 3 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of jojoba oil. Spread it thinly across the face.

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2. Healing And Soothings

Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are beneficial in healing and repairing damaged skin. Add 5-6 drops of frankincense essential oil to 30 ml of jojoba oil. Massage the oil blend on the broken and damaged skin. The anti-inflammatory compounds in the oil will stimulate the growth of skin cells over the damaged skin cells. It will regulate the healing process and speed up the recovery of skin.

3. Prevents Scarring

Prevents Scarring

Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in healing wounds, damaged, broken skin and even newly formed scars. It helps in reducing appearance of scars and eventually helps it to fade away. Mix 6 drops of essential oil with jojoba oil and apply it on the face for anti aging benefits.

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Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil For Hair

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Frankincense essential oil stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and hair follicles which helps in promoting hair growth. It reduces the amount of hair loss, split ends, thinning of hair and tangles. It adds shine and smoothness to the hair without the added stickiness or grease.

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2. Reduces Dandruff

Reduces Dandruff

Frankincense essential oil helps in decreasing the production of sebum which leads to excess accumulation of oil on the scalp. Excess oil is associated with build-up of dandruff, scalp infections and scaly patches.

Benefits Of Frankincense Essential Oil For Health

1. Helps Boost Immune System Function

The oil is beneficial for delaying premature aging of skin and riding the skin of dead skin cells. It stimulates the growth of collagen which helps in increased skin cells. It is also used to clear the appearance of acne scars and prevent formation of infections caused from injuries. It is also antibacterial in nature. It is beneficial in preventing germs from forming on the skin and inside the mouth. Hence, this is the reason frankincense essential oil is often used in household to prevent oral infections and diseases like gingivitis, bad breath, mouth sores, wisdom tooth pain, toothaches and cavities. The essential oil helps battling viruses and bacteria that cause cold, flu, fever and other infections.

2. Helps Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Stress And Anxiety

Frankincense essential oil helps in dealing with stress-induced anxiety. It helps in countering the negative effects of depression and mental pressure. It helps in navigating from changing and varying moods from mild to extremes. The best way to use Frankincense essential oil for managing stress is by inhaling the aroma directly from the bottle or using it in a diffuser. The smell instantly soothes and calms the fluctuating moods.

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4. Improves Memory

Frankincense essential oil can be used to improve memory, nervous functions and learning abilities. Research has shown that frankincense essential oil can help is improving the memory of the baby during the pregnancy. It increases the power of learning, short-term memory, long-term memory and observational skills.

5. Kills Harmful Germs Bacteria

Harmful Germs Bacteria

Frankincense essential oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and disinfecting properties which can prove to be useful in killing germs and bacteria. Frankincense essential oil helps in getting rid of several illnesses caused from communicative bacteria such as viral infections, flu, cold, cough, etc. Most of these infections arise due to unclean surroundings. Frankincense essential oil can be added to household detergents to clean the environment. This helps in disinfection the area from harmful bacteria, virus, pathogens, germs and accumulated dirt. Research has shown that frankincense essential oil is effective in killing pathogens that can harm to the immune system.

6. Balances Hormones Levels And Improves Fertility

Frankincense essential oil helps in reducing pain related to menstruation and menopause . It balances the hormone levels and controls the secretion of estrogen and testosterone in the body. It is used to relieve pain from cramps, constipation and headaches. It also helps dealing with anxiety, nausea, fatigue and mood swings. Frankincense essential oil reduces risk of ovarian and breast cancer. It regulates the reproductive system and helps in dealing with issues related to fertility. It is associated with improving the mobility, density and performance of sperm.

7. Eases Digestion

Eases Digestion

Frankincense essential oil acts as a natural laxative and constipation reliever. It helps in cleaning out the digestive system. It helps with detoxing the body of toxins and waste. It improves the bowel movement and the timing of stool release. It helps in reducing bloating, constipation, nausea, pain related to menopause and menstruation, stomach flu, acidity and PMS related pain. It promotes the work of digestive enzymes which act as active agent in cleaning out the digestive tract of food, toxins and waste. It regulates the working of kidneys by maximising the filtration of food and absorption of minerals. It also reduces changes of urine infection and formation of kidney stones.

8. Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Frankincense essential oil might have a placebo effect in lowering the levels of blood sugar. It might also have the ability to the lower the side-effects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. However, research is yet to be conducted on the possible effects of using frankincense essential oil as a treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

9. Reduces Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Frankincense essential oil or Boswellia Serrata extract is known to counteract the pain in the knee, joints and muscles. Frankincense essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing the muscle pain, swelling, muscle soreness and any form of inflammation. Researchers have shown that regular use of frankincense essential oil can helps in dealing with Osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain.

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10. Fights Cancerous Cells

Frankincense essential oil has natural anti-inflammatory, anticancer and anti-tumor properties which beneficial for preventing formation of cancerous cells and tumors. Frankincense oil is known to fight the growth of cancer cells and elements that contribute to formation of cancer. Researchers have found that cancer cells have increased sensitivity to compound found in frankincense essential oil. Frankincense essential oil has a chemical compound called AKBA which is successful in killing cancerous cells which eventually become resistant towards chemotherapy. This can become a great breakthrough in the long search of curing cancer.




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