5 Reasons To Use Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

5 Reasons To Use Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

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Hair colouring is so much fun; not only can it conceal your hair, but it can also give you a makeover altogether. There are different types of hair colours offered to you in the market - temporary hair colours, permanent hair colours, semi permanent hair colours and more!

permanent hair colours

If you’re a colour fanatic, you gotta hop on the hair colouring trends of 2022! The soft balayages, brilliant highlights, lowlights and moneypieces are taking over the world of fashion.

Unfortunately, some of the bleach and ammonia-based hair colours can cause damage to your gorgeous tresses. It can make them rough, frizzy, and lifeless. Let’s understand more about ammonia and hair bleach in detail.

What is Ammonia? Why do hair dyes contain Ammonia?

Ammonia is an alkaline chemical. It has a pH level greater than 7. It is included in hair colours as it helps in depositing the hair colour on the inner layer of the hair (called the cortex) by opening up the cuticles of every strand. This is important because the deeper the hair colour penetrates the hair, the longer it’ll last.

However, ammonia has a variety of cons, as some of its properties can be detrimental to hair health. The side effect of using ammonia-based hair dyes is that they damage the hair because of their highly alkaline nature, making the hair shaft rough, weak, and prone to greying.

What Is Hair Bleach? Is bleach’s function similar to Ammonia?

 Hair Bleach

Hair Bleach is a strong oxidising agent. It is used to lighten your natural hair colour. And even though hair bleaching has become a major trend recently, it is not good for the hair. It works in the same way as ammonia- meaning that it causes equal, if not more, damage to your hair: it alters the texture of the strands to make them porous, weak, and frizzy.

So, does that mean you should stop bleaching and colouring your hair? No! Thanks to the constant advancement in beauty technology, now there are bleach-free as well as ammonia-free hair colours in the market!

Bleach And Ammonia-Free Hair colours

Bleach and ammonia-free hair colours comprise less damaging chemicals that help in colouring your locks. Also called semi-permanent hair colours or temporary hair colours, these do not give long-lasting results as they only cover the outer shaft of hair instead of penetrating into the roots. The colour stays for a shorter period of time and it doesn’t damage the hair and scalp. Temporary hair colours are known for being commitment free and super convenient. Go for the best hair colour of your choice and get crazy.

5 Reasons To Use Ammonia-Free Hair Colours

Ammonia free hair colours offer several advantages. Let’s dive into a few.

1. No More Itchy Scalp!

No More Itchy Scalp!

Ammonia and bleach-based hair dyes irritate and induce a burning sensation in the scalp. Since ammonia-free hair colours only colour the outer shaft of your hair, they don’t cause damage and hence, do not lead to dry and itchy scalp!

2. No More Bad Smell!

No More Bad Smell!

As you must have noticed, ammonia-based hair dyes give off a strong smell of ammonia after being applied to the hair. This pungent smell may irritate your senses. However, with ammonia-free hair colours, you can say no to the sour smell and colour your hair in peace.

3. Extra Gentle Formula

Extra Gentle Formula

Ammonia-free hair colours have an extra-gentle formula and happen to be very mild on sensitive scalp and skin. So, if you have highly sensitive hair and skin, ammonia-free hair colours should be your go-to!

4. Does Not Destroy Hair Health!

Does Not Destroy Hair Health!

Unlike ammonia-based hair colours and hair bleach, ammonia-free hair dyes are safer to use as these do not destroy the cuticles (outer layer of hair) and therefore maintain hair health. That means, no more frizzy hair after colouring! You can choose your favourite shade from the wide ranging categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women.

5. Gives a Silky Smooth Finish

Gives a Silky Smooth Finish

Ammonia-free hair colours not only protect and maintain hair health but also leave a softer, silkier, and glossier finish on your hair!

After reading all these benefits of ammonia-free hair dyes, we think you’re wise enough to take your decision and lean to the no-ammonia side of the dye spectrum. While colouring the hair with funky colours - a bold red hair colour, a gorgeous blue hair colour, a classy blonde hair colour or even a sophisticated grey hair colour, may seem fun, what is more, important is to maintain the health of the tresses. Therefore, using ammonia-free hair colours, such as temporary hair colours, which wash off easily is a great way of sporting vivacious, vibrant hues without damage and commitment! Also, isn’t it fun to carry a new temporary hair colour of your choice every other day?




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