6 Benefits Of Orange

6 Benefits Of Orange (Infographic)

Oranges are well known for their Vitamin C content. They are also known for their citrusy juice and sweetness. In fact, there is more to this round orange fruit; it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. As such, oranges benefit your body in many ways, from improving heart health and eyesight to reducing your blood pressure. There are many ways to enjoy an orange, whether as marmalade, as a juice or as candied slices. Oranges are also added to salads, desserts and beverages.   

A key orange benefit is that it includes your complete daily dose of Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system and fights against free radical damage. Vitamin C is also useful in keeping your skin young and supple. Oranges also contain potassium, which helps to stabilize your blood pressure. As a fibrous fruit, oranges can help in digestion as well. For more aspects of orange nutrition, see the infographic below.

6 Benefits Of Orange


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