6 Benefits of Pine Oil

6 Benefits of Pine Oil (Infographic)

The refreshing scent of pine is known to us all, most likely in the form of air fresheners or other cleaning products. This is not only due to its fresh and aromatic fragrance, but also it's antibacterial and cleansing properties that can kill many household germs. Extracted from the needles of the Pine tree, the aroma of pine oil is also used to energize the mind and body, and reduce stress.

Other benefits of pine oil include its anti-inflammatory properties that relieve muscle pain, and its expectorant properties that aid in faster recovery from colds and congestion. Pine oil has high levels of phenols, which fight germs and protect from disease. They also help to cleanse the skin and treat acne, boils and even eczema. Pine oil’s antioxidant properties can slow cellular degeneration and delay the effects of aging. Using pine oil for hair can treat dandruff and an itchy scalp. See how a bottle of pine oil can help you at home in the infographic below.

6 Benefits of Pine Oil




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