6 Reasons for Acne

6 Reasons for Acne (Infographic)

Acne can be triggered by many factors including from pores being clogged by oil, dirt or bacteria. Your genes are one such factor too. While nothing can be done to undo genetics, other causes of acne can be tackled, such as diet, stress, the use of certain skincare products, and hormonal changes.

The most common causes of acne are hormones and bacteria. Fluctuating hormones during puberty, periods, pregnancy or due to medications, can increase sebum production in your skin, resulting in various forms of acne. Similarly, bacteria from your cell-phone and surrounding environment can clog your pores and cause acne. In order to prevent acne, you must understand what causes acne: if your diet leaves too many toxins in your body or leads to extra sebum production, topical treatments will only work on the acne already present. To prevent acne, you need to change your diet. Similarly, acne caused by skincare products or makeup that is irritating your skin will only stop when you stop using those products. For more acne causes, see the infographic below.

6 Reasons for Acne

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