9 Benefits of Citronella Oil

9 Benefits of Citronella Oil (Infographic)

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Citronella is a grass that grows in Asia and the South Pacific, with a lemony fragrance. Citronella oil is extracted by steam distillation and is commonly used to repel insects, mosquitoes and flies in an environmentally friendly way. However, there are many other citronella oil uses and benefits as well. Its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and diaphoretic properties make it beneficial for various health, skin and hair concerns.

Some of citronella oil benefits for skin include reducing warts, boils and acne, due to its antibacterial properties. Its lemony fragrance can also aid in removing body odour. Citronella oil can control oil in your scalp, combating greasy hair. It is also known to nourish hair follicles and increase hair volume. Other citronella oil uses include detoxifying the body as well as soothing inflammation and pain. See the infographic below to know more benefits of this wonderful essential oil.

9 Benefits of Citronella Oil


Citronella Essential Oil

  • MUSCLE RELIEF: Helps to rejuvenate the muscles cells and destress them
  • Hair Health & LICE Relief
  • Pleasant aroma for use in AROMATHERAPY
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