9 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair

9 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair (Infographic)

Jojoba oil is found in many skin and hair care products, and for good reason. Extracted from the jojoba plant native to the arid regions of Mexico and America, jojoba oil is made up of vitamins B, E and essential minerals like zinc and copper. Jojoba oil is the closest in nature to human sebum--the natural oil found in skin and hair. This makes it a great natural replacement for dry skin and scalp.

Using jojoba oil for skin has many benefits, including preventing acne due to its antibacterial properties, and removing suntans. Jojoba oil can also be used as an effective natural make-up remover. Using jojoba oil for hair can promote a healthy scalp, treat dandruff and aid in hair growth.

Incorporating jojoba oil into your skin and hair care routine can work wonders. Check out the infographic below for 9 benefits of jojoba oil for your skin and hair to get you started.

 9 Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair


Jojoba Oil
  • Natural and best way to WIPE OFF MAKEUP.
  • Rich in Vitamin C, E, B, copper, and zinc to nourish the HAIR.
  • Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins help SKIN REPAIR and damage control.
  • Antioxidants provide ANTI-AGEING EFFECTS.

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