All You Need To Know About Sustainable Beauty

All You Need To Know About Sustainable Beauty

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Sustainable beauty practices are the talk of the industry, but the majority of us lack its understanding. As responsible citizens, all of us need to understand the importance of environmental sustainability and stick to it in the long run so that we don't harm the ecosystem around us. This blog will shed light on making a lesser negative environmental impact by switching to clean beauty.

What Is Sustainable Beauty? 

When beauty brands make cosmetic products using natural ingredients produced from renewable resources, using environmentally-friendly means it is known as sustainable beauty.

Natural oil, plant extracts, probiotic bacteria are some sustainable beauty ingredients that are safe on the skin and devoid of any harmful chemical substances.

Why Is It Important To Use Sustainable Beauty Products? 

The beauty industry is expanding quickly, with many new cosmetic and personal care products being introduced every day. More and more people want to have a hands-on experience of these newly launched products. This adds to discarded half-empty bottles, which get piled up and are later discharged in large quantities into the water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. This leads to plastic pollution, and the toxic chemical wastes from these beauty products affect the aquatic ecosystem leading to water pollution.

Increased awareness among people to protect our environment has become the need of the hour. Many beauty brands have switched to sustainable cosmetic products as people no longer want to slather their skin with harmful chemical substances. You can effortlessly switch to sustainable beauty by following a sustainable skincare routine.

How To Build A Sustainable Beauty Routine 

Switching to sustainable beauty has many positive results on your skin and the planet. Sustainable beauty aims to make the world a better and cleaner place to live.

Let's see how we can make your skincare routine more sustainable.

1. Choose Products With Sustainable Packaging 

Next time you buy a skincare product, make sure that the product's packaging is either recyclable or recycled. This shouldn't be difficult, thanks to the recently increased awareness in the beauty industry. It would be best to look out for products that come in glass containers, or any other source that cannot be recycled.

2. Packages Should Be Disposed Of Properly 

The packaging of the beauty products should be recycled or repurposed. The big skincare pots can be repurposed and used as indoor flowering pots or candle holders. Look for various recycling schemes available with beauty products. Many beauty brands have started the recycling scheme in which the empty plastic packaging can be recycled free of cost.

Once the plastic waste has been converted into a waterproof alternative to plywood, it can be recycled repeatedly.

3. Reuse 

Often, you run out of your skincare product, discard the product and buy a new one, again adding to plastic waste. The best thing to reuse the packaging as some brands now offer refill packs, which can be used to top up your existing pack.

4. Use Shampoo Bar 

Shampoo bars are an environment-friendly alternative to shampoo bottles. They are considered to be highly concentrated cleansers. These bars come in recyclable packaging and are as effective as regular shampoo, keeping hair clean longer than regular shampoo bottles. It also helps reduce plastic waste.

Numerous shampoo brands are available in an ecologically friendly bar packed in recyclable cardboard. The lightweight shampoo bars are made of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, amla, reetha, shikakai, glycerine which gently cleanses and hydrates your hair.

5. Do Your Research 

Before buying a skincare product that claims to be sustainable, make sure that it actually is sustainable.

  • Check the label on your skincare products and look for terms such as vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and palm-oil free.
  • Make sure the ingredients used in the products are ethically sourced.
  • Check if the packaging is recyclable.
  • Review that brand's resource and waste management.
  • Does the brand follow any charitable practices?

6. Keep The Minimalist Skincare Regime In Mind, When You Shop 

Sustainable skincare means that you only use a handful of high-quality products. Don't overload your beauty basket with too many skincare products. Keep it minimal. This will do a lot of good to the earth, your skin, as well as your wallet.

7. Dump Face Wipes 

Rather than using wet wipes, which contain non-biodegradable plastic fibers, use a muslin cloth, organic cotton towels, or reusable makeup remover pads.

8. Save Water

Avoid wastage of water. You may be surprised to know that lots of water get wasted while washing your face, bathing, or brushing your teeth. Save water by switching off the tap when not in use.

In the long run, sustainable cosmetics that are good for your skin are eco-friendly and can gradually replace conventional cosmetics. Take a step forward and embrace sustainable beauty.

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