Best Wash Day Tips To Get Pristine, Healthy Curls!

Best Wash Day Tips To Get Pristine, Healthy Curls!

Curly hair is here to stay and how! People with straight hair, often crave for curly hair. But if you ask a curly-haired girl, she would dread managing it. All of us are well aware of the fact that it is rather difficult to manage dry and frizzy curls.

Mastering a perfect hair care routine for your curls can be challenging. It is because the nature of curly hair is quite unpredictable. There is always a thin line between good hair days and bad hair days. The secret is to use the right product, follow a strict hair wash routine which gives maximum hydration and nourishment to your curls making them look shiny, bouncy and well maintained. Here are some of the best wash day tips to revive and redefine your curls.

Wash Day Tips For Curly Hair 

According to the Hair Experts “curls are fragile and more prone to dryness, frizziness. Hence, there should be a more methodical approach towards dealing with dry, damaged and frizzy hair, instead of shuffling between regular shampoo and conditioner.” Weekends are the best days to pamper your hair, as your curls go through a lot of wear and tear throughout the week. Based on the expert advice, we are sharing some of the best tried and tested tips and tricks, so that you can make the most of your wash day.

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    1. Pre- Shampoo 

    Before turning on the shower, you need to detangle and prep your curls. Experts believe that slathering an oil, deep conditioner or co-washing can help you prep your curls before kick-starting your full wash day routine. It helps to make your curls soft and hydrated, making it easier to detangle your hair.

    Detangle And Keep Your Hair Knot-Free 

    First, detangle your curls with your fingers as finger detangling is easy and much gentle on your hair. Then use a wide mouth comb and start combing from the tip. Tip of your hair is more dry and frizzy than the rest of your hair.

    Rinse After 30 Minutes

    Allow the pre-poo to rest for 30 minutes and then rinse off with water.

    2. Shampoo 

    Now your hair is drenched in water, you can move on to the next step which is shampooing. To get the maximum benefit of your shampoo, you need to apply it evenly all over your scalp and hair.

    Start From The Roots 

    Focus on your scalp and apply the clarifying shampoo on the roots, to get rid of product buildup, dirt, grime that gets accumulated on your scalp. Hold the tips of your hair strands together to avoid tangling.

    Rinse And Repeat 

    Now rinse out the clarifying shampoo and follow it up with a moisturizing shampoo. As per our hair expert, ‘Using a clarifying shampoo initially helps cleanse your hair and scalp, while the moisturizing shampoo keeps your strands well hydrated.”

    Final Rinse 

    The final rinse should be with warm water, to open up the cuticle. It aids in the better absorption of moisture from the conditioner.

    3. Conditioner 

    Now we will be moving on to our next step which is applying conditioner. To get the maximum out of your conditioner, follow these simple tips.

    Squeeze Out

    Before applying a hydrating conditioner, squeeze out the excess water from your strands.

    Avoid Scalp 

    Apply moisturizing conditioner evenly onto your strands, starting from mid-length till the end. Avoid applying conditioner on your scalp.

    Rinse Out

    Leave the conditioner on your strands for 5-10 minutes to allow it to moisturize and condition your strands. It makes your dry, frizzy hair easier to manage. Then wash off the conditioner with cold water.

    Experts recommend washing off the conditioner with cold water as it closes the cuticles and traps the moisture inside your strands, leaving your curls super hydrated.

    4. Drying 

    Once your hair is completely washed, we will move to towards the last and final step which is hair drying. Make sure that your hair is dried properly so that it is well prepared for styling.

    Dump Your Bath Towel 

    Instead of bath towel, use a micro-fiber towel or else your old T-shirt will do the job. Use it to dry your hair as your regular bath towel has tiny loops where your curls can be stuck, resulting in hair breakage.

    Experts recommend air-drying your hair, instead of using a hairdryer as it can dry out and damage your curls. Style your curls when it is still damp, by using a hydrating serum or a moisturizing gel, as curly hair craves for hydration.

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    Useful Tips And Tricks For Maintaining Perfect Curls 

    Healthy and beautiful curls can turn heads, and land you a lot of compliments. But a curly girl knows how much care and effort is required, to get that well maintained and healthy curls. Your thirsty curls need a lot of hydration than the normal hair types. But finding the right hair care products and following a regular hair care routine will help make your curls healthy and happy. Let us have a quick look at some easy to follow tips and tricks for the perfect ringlets which you have been craving for such a long time.

    1. Always detangle your hair gently using your fingers and then start combing your hair from the bottom.
    2. Trim your hair regularly to avoid split ends.
    3. Try Product Cocktailing method (where you mix two or more products) to keep your curls hydrated and to meet the specific styling requirements.
    4. Avoid Sulphates and Silicones in your hair care products, as they rob your hair of its natural oil.
    5. Introduce deep conditioning treatment in your hair care regime.
    6. If you are running short of time, skip shampoo, conditioner and use a cleansing cream as it cleans your strands as well as adds extra moisture to your strands.
    7. To get those perfect well defined curls and preserve them through the night, gather your hair and tie it loosely at the top in the form of a bun, before going to sleep.
    8. Instead of using a cotton pillowcase, use a silk pillowcase as cotton can cause friction and strip natural oil from your strands.
    9. Use a hair diffuser to add volume and bounce to your curls.
    10. Always apply heat protectant before using styling tools to protect your hair from damage.

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    Curly hair is quite unpredictable and difficult to manage, but these simple tips and tricks can give you the perfect and well-defined curls, which would alter your personality altogether. 




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