Blurring boundaries with gender-fluid fragrances

Blurring boundaries with gender-fluid fragrances

In a world where we are breaking barriers and borders, why constrict the most subliminal matter (air)? The gender-fluid fragrance breaks the societal constructs of stereotyping fragrances. Intrigued? Read ahead to know more!

Let’s cut to the chase and announce that gender-fluid fragrances are certainly the future. As the perfume goes genderless, there is a rise of the 3rd option, which doesn’t belong to the age-old distinctions of dividing fragrances. There are so many women, who apply colognes and perfumes which are placed in the men’s aisle, while there are men who certainly appreciate feminine fragrances.

In a world where we are breaking barriers and borders, why constrict the most subliminal matter (air)? The gender-fluid fragrance breaks the societal constructs of stereotyping fragrances. Intrigued? Read ahead to know more!

Most brands have been decidedly dividing olfactory preferences between genders; however, times have changed and the perfume is going genderless. With so much being spoken about gender neutrality, it's time to democratize fragrances. Women no longer have to stick to floral scents, nor do men have to prove their machismo with a perfume having musky, woody notes. Many brands are bringing forth a unisex line of perfumes so that both genders gravitate towards them.

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What’s The Need For Gender Neutral Perfumes?

Unisex perfumes have always been around us, but never has it been placed as a category, or has become mainstream. The emergence of gender-neutral perfumes is a non-binary, flexible approach that helps aromas to transition in a fluid manner. Its common knowledge that women tend to lean towards male fragrances, but men didn’t apply perfumes with notes that are perceived to be feminine. Fortunately, people have become adventurous with fashion and it's time they experiment with fragrances as well.

Neutralizing fragrances will be more like an olfactory cleansing of the palette. Perfumes have come a very long way and thankfully people are now realizing that it need not be gender-specific. The fragrance is not being approached conventionally anymore, which is bringing about a fundamental shift in the world of perfumes, forcing brands to rewrite narratives that blur out the demarcations which have been stereotyped till now.

This will be a substantial change in the gender-neutral frontier. Plus, it’s a newfound lucrative market. The current generation of buyers is not afraid to experiment with fashion, fragrances, food, and much more, so there couldn’t be a better time to bring forth genderless perfumes. Fortunately, Gen Z doesn’t subscribe to traditional gender labels and therefore, now is the best time for genderless perfumes to find buyers who are the frontliners of acceptance and inclusivity. Some of the most celebrated perfume brands are now jumping the bandwagon and not labeling notes, into gender-based brackets.

This is a very positive shift, as people are now being open to breaking the age-old shackles of segregating people based on gender, class, ethnicities, etc. Consumers aren’t latching themselves to cues and stereotypes, but rather becoming expansive in their choices.

So, What Is The Benefit From It All?

Smell is closely associated with memory, it is connected to emotions and experiences, but it not be tied to gender-based connotations. With aroma becoming non-binary, it becomes more diverse and brings forth a positive message. With the world fighting for gender fluidity, this is a welcome change. People can celebrate their individuality, with their perfume becoming the scent of freedom. Making choices without being within social confines, and breaking barriers is all that it represents.

The Future Of Fragrance

Unisex perfumes have already become a third category in the world of fragrances. People are picking up scents that they like, according to their mood, rather than constricting their choices. When we go back to the roots, all fragrances we designed for everyone, without designating them to different genders; the demarcation came centuries later when perfumers fell prey to market constructs.

Anyone who has a nose for a certain fragrance and is gravitated toward it should willingly be able to use it. Brands are now understanding this ethos and are coming up with inclusive aromas that will work for both men and women. It’s good to see brands suspend the bias and engage with perfumes on a deeper level, to contribute to society, which is slowly but surely giving up on archaic notions of gender bias. This entire movement brings forth a renewed hope and reassures us that the world is moving in the right direction; towards inclusivity, sustainability, and breaking the wrong rules.

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