Breathing Problems Remedies

Breathing Problems Remedies - Need to Know

Breathing difficulty can be because of a host of reasons, some initiated by changes in the external environment and others due to internal issues in our body. Difficult mental states can lead to shortness of breath as well. We all know how respiratory diseases are on the rise with the growing level of pollution around us. Whatever be the cause, we can help our breathing through these breathing-problem solutions. let’s have a look.

Effective Home Remedies For Breathing Problems

Are you too in a dilemma of how to cure breathing problem at home? Here are some amazing home remedies that have been tried and have shown incredible results. These remedies if practised accordingly show their effectiveness in almost no time.

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing

 Diaphragmatic Breathing

You must have guessed what is this process about. If you haven’t here are the steps for you.

  1. Sit in a chair with your back straight.
  2. Hugs your stomach with your arms tightly.
  3. Inhale through the nose and feel your belly beneath the hands move.
  4. Now exhale through pursed lips and again feel the belly.
  5. As you breathe in and out make sure to tighten the grab of your arms on your belly.

2. Pursed-Lip Breathing

Breathlessness can be caused by anxiety too. To remedy acute shortness of breathing due to anxiety, you can use Pursed-lip breathing method.

How Is It Done

  1. Form a pursed lip structure. Press both the lips together except the middle portion. There should be a gap between the middle portion of the lips.
  2. Sit upright with shoulders relaxed.
  3. Inhale through the nose and hold it for a few seconds.
  4. Exhale through the mouth and hold for another 4 seconds.
  5. Practice this method for 10 minutes every day.

3. Sleeping in A Relaxed Position

Sleeping in A Relaxed Position

Getting a sound sleep is very important, it helps you relax and release the stress locked in your muscles plus it alleviates the breathing issue. You must always sleep in a relaxed position. The best way to relax while sleeping is to place pillows beneath the head as well as beneath the knees and get comfortable and sleep like a baby.

4. Sitting Forward Supported by A Table

Sometimes bringing a change in posture can also help with the breathing. Difficulty in breathing immediately disappears, after trying out this posture. This posture is same as the head down posture, we use to do in our school days.

How Is It Done

  1. Place your forearms on a table in the front.
  2. Place your head on your forearms. Instead of forearms, you can make the use of a pillow too.

5. Eating Fresh Ginger

 Fresh Ginger

RSV i.e., Respiratory Syncytical Virus is a virus that causes lung infections which result in acute shortness of breath. Eating fresh ginger is effective at fighting off the virus and relieve the infection. You can either eat fresh ginger and drink it along with hot water.

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6. Sitting Forward

This remedy is the simplest of all. All you have to do is to sit on a chair and place your elbows on your knees. Now, lean forward putting the upper body weight on the elbows and let your shoulders and neck relax.

7. Hot Drinks

 Hot Drinks

To avoid breathing problems, you should completely avoid the intake of cold drinks. Make it a habit to drink lukewarm water at all times. Lukewarm water not only helps with the respiratory problems, but it also helps you achieve flat and ticked tummy.

8. Drinking Coffee

Coffee is everyone’s love. Besides its amazing taste, it also helps relieve respiratory diseases like asthma. The caffeine present in it relaxes the muscles around the airway. This method opens up the airway and improves the function of your lungs for up to four hours. Do know that it is not recommended to overconsume coffee, especially in the later part of the day, as it is a stimulant that can interfere with your sleep quality.

9. Honey


Honey has an endless list of benefits and treating breathing problems, is one of those benefits. Honey works best along with ginger. Ginger possesses antibacterial qualities which treats the infection and clears out the mucus from the lungs and also eradicates all the cough. This mixture makes the lungs, immune to any further infection. Consume this mixture twice a day for best results.

10. Deep Breathing

In deep breathing, lie down against your back and place your hands on your abdomen. Now take a deep breath through the nose and hold it for about 5 seconds. Now breathe out and again hold for 5 seconds. Continue this procedure for another 10 minutes. You can practice this method any number of times.

11. Sit In The Sun For A While

Sit In The Sun For A While

In winters, we often let the frozen coconut oil sit in the sun so that it loosens up and we can use it. Likewise, when we sit in the sun, it warms us up and gives our body the required amount of warmth. This method also helps with the ejecting of cough from our lungs.

12. Standing with A Supported Back

This is one of the best ways to immediately relieve your difficulty in breathing. It is a simple and effective trick. All you have to do is rest your back against the wall. Keep your feet apart so that it coincides with your shoulders and let your hands rest on your thighs.

13. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is known to help in case of respiratory disorders and congestion. Diffuse eucalyptus oil at home. This helps in relieving the cough and in easing the breathing.

Eucalyptus essential oil has been used for generations to cure respiratory ailments and wounds. Along with its beauty benefits, treating cough, cold and sore throat, Eucalyptus made its way into the beauty and wellness kit of our homes. We recommend adding Anveya Eucalyptus Oil to your skin, hair and health care.


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14. Breathing Exercises

There are a lot of breathing exercises that have shown amazing results. Breathing exercises and yoga come to the rescue when there is no option left. Pranayama is a type of yoga that is used to cure respiratory problems and they also make our lungs stronger. Most commonly practiced pranayama are, Anuloma viloma, Kapalabhati, Ujjayi and Sitali pranayama.

15. Garlic


Garlic is a common herb that is used to add flavour to the food. It is also helpful for improving respiratory health. The herb possesses a compound named allicin which is amazingly beneficial as it removes the mucus from the lungs. It also shows decongestant properties. The herb greatly affects the functioning of the lungs. You can either consume the herb as a part of your meal or either chew it raw, either way, the herb will show its effect.

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16. Allergy Medications

Some of the allergy drugs like antihistamines, ease the breathing issues. But make sure to not proceed without a doctor’s advice. You must see a doctor, the doctor will diagnose you properly and suggest the medication accordingly.

17. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

The main reason why citrus fruits are effective at treating the respiratory conditions, is the presence of citrus bioflavonoids. The most common citrus fruits that we often consume are lemons and oranges. The fruits make our lung, immune to the allergens causing the respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis and relieve the breathing problems.

18. Humidifiers

Humidifiers are devices that induce water vapour or steam in air to level up the moisture. The breathing problem is a result of dry sinuses, sometimes. By the use of humidifiers, you can increase the amount of moisture.

19. Thyme


Thyme is a herb possessing amazing medicinal qualities that are more than enough for the treatment of lung infections. It is antimicrobial and fights off harmful microbes like bacteria, virus and fungi. It secures lungs against the harmful and infectious microbes, improving its capacity. You can either consume the herb as it is by adding to your regular meals or use the thyme oil.

20. Bronchodilators

Bronchodilators are substances that dilate the bronchi and bronchioles. This leads to the obstacle-free airway, resulting in increased airflow. Bronchodilators are naturally produced in our body, but sometimes due to various reasons, our body is unable to produce the substance and we face shortness in breathing. In such situations, we need to take medication containing bronchodilators to continue unobstructed breathing.

21. Turmeric


Turmeric possesses exceptional, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. We have turmeric on a regular basis as a part of our everyday meal. Sometimes we consume it with the milk to enjoy its medicinal benefits. Milk with a pinch of turmeric is a panacea as it treats almost any type of respiratory disease. It removes the mucus from the lungs and also relieves the bronchitis.

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22. Air Filters

Air filter, as indicated in the name is a device that filters out the solid particles such as dust, pollen, mold, etc. The device is composed of porous materials that filter out the undesired and irritation causing substances present in the air. You can install an air filter in your house to breathe in fresh and healthy air.

23. Peppermint


Peppermint leaves and peppermint oil both, can be used to remedy the respiratory infections and relieve the breathing problems. Due to the presence of menthol, peppermint clears out the nasal passage, regulating the flow of air. Peppermint oil can be diffused at home to get the benefit. It also treats the blocked nose. Besides, it is effective in the removal of cough from the lungs.

24. Identifying And Removing Triggers

If you succeed in finding out the root cause of your problem, you will able to treat it more effectively. So, first things first, you must identify the trigger and heal it or remove it entirely.

25. Inhaling Steam

Inhaling Steam

Steaming is another way to treat breathing problems. Nowadays, you can easily find the automatic steaming machines that boil the water and immediately generate steam. Make sure to take a towel to cover your head so that the steam doesn’t spread in the room. Take care to be gentle and do not burn yourself with the steam.

26. Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy immunotherapy is a procedure that rids you off from the allergies and also removes the root cause triggering the allergy. In this, the doctor gives you and allergy shot containing small traces of substances that you are allergic to. Initially the shots are limited to once or twice a week. Gradually, the dose is increased. This medication is continued upto 3 to 5 years. During this time, you will notice your symptoms getting better.

27. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is a herb possessing anti-inflammatory properties. The herb reduces inflammation. Apparently, it is known to prevent asthma attacks as well. It addresses the root cause of asthma and treats it. It considerably increases the white blood cell count, which in turn prevent the asthma attacks.

28. Standing With Supported Arms

This method is extremely effective for calming down the acute shortness of breath. Take a table almost as high as your waist and lean against the table with the support of your hands, letting your shoulder and head relax.

29. Echinacea


Echinacea is a flower found in the western states. It is known for its amazing qualities of treating the common cold and flu. It fights off the infections and flushes out the toxic and infectious microbes from our body. Sometimes, the difficulty in breathing is a result of hypersensitive airway. Echinacea can be used to tackle this condition. It induces inflammation in the airway, which resolves the problem of hypersensitivity and resumes normal breathing.

30. Using A Fan

Apparently, cool air relieves the shortness of breath. You need a hand fan for this procedure. This fan comes in handy. Carry it along and use it whenever you face difficulty in breathing.




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