Chemical-Free And Temporary: 5 Reasons Why 2022 Is The Best Time To Get Your Hair Coloured!

Chemical-Free And Temporary: 5 Reasons Why 2023 Is The Best Time To Get Your Hair Colored!

How To Choose The Right Skincare Product And What Goes Wrong If You Don't! Reading Chemical-Free And Temporary: 5 Reasons Why 2023 Is The Best Time To Get Your Hair Colored! 7 minutes Next Are You Cleansing Your Face Properly?

If you are new to hair coloring or looking to improve your existing hair color, then temporary hair color is a great place to start. These rainbow-colored temporary hair colors add a touch of glamour to dull, lifeless hair. Temporary hair color can transform your hair's look without causing damage to your strands.

They are extremely versatile. Playing with colors is so fun; it can completely transform your look. Do you know which hair color suits you the best?

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You should choose a hair color according to your skin tone. These products can revive your hair, making it more vibrant. It adds shine, volume, and intensity to your hair. So what are you waiting for? Which is your favourite pick? Get it and go crazy!! Color your hair in vibrant hues of golden, purple, green, yellow, pink, blue, red or balayage hair color and be party-ready for weekends. If you want to completely change the color of your hair or go for highlights, lowlights or balayage hair color, then temporary hair color can be the best option. Before leaving for the office, wash off the temporary hair color the following day. Here we will discuss 5 main reasons to get your hair colored this 2023.

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Hair Color In 2023: 5 Reasons To Get It Done

Temporary hair colors for women are gentle and can be used to condition hair. This is the most exciting aspect of temporary hair colors. Here are 5 reasons to get your hair colored this year!


Temporary hair colors

• Temporary, commitment - free. Wash off with your next wash.
• Unlimited looks for any mood.
• 2 -minutes DIY color application.
• No bleach, no dye, no damage.

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1. Commitment-free

One of the most significant advantages of choosing temporary colors over permanent ones is that you don't have to stay with the same color for months. You can change your temporary color whenever you get bored or want to experiment with something new.

You won't have to use the same hair care products you would use for permanent dyeing to prolong its life. You can continue living your everyday life with non-permanent colors.

2. Ideal For Try-Outs

If you want to color your hair, you have several options. At the same time, it could be clearer to choose a hair color which best suits your personality and, of course, your skin tone. If you apply permanent hair color and are dissatisfied with the outcome, you cannot immediately change the color. But this is different with temporary hair colors. You can try various colors and decide which is most suitable for you. If you do not like the color, you can immediately wash it off. Temporary hair colors are always the best option when you want to experiment with colors.

3. Devoid Of Harmful Substances

Unlike permanent hair dyes/colors, temporary hair colors are devoid of harmful compounds such as ammonia which is present in permanent hair dyes. Moreover, temporary hair color does not penetrate the hair shaft, nor does it alter the texture of your hair. This allows you to change your hair's appearance without compromising your hair health.

4. Safe For Your Hair

Temporary hair color is not absorbed into the roots or the hair shaft. It stays on the hair's outer surface, forming an extra layer. It does not damage the texture of your hair and does not cause any hair concerns such as hair loss or hair breakage.

5. Create Flashy Looks

If you want a terrific and intense hair color for a party which you don't want to continue the next day, then temporary hair color is there for your rescue. You don't have to worry because a slew of unique temporary hair colors is available. There are dozens of choices. It sounds tempting. It only takes a little effort, budget and regular maintenance to get a new look every week.

You can wear blonde, red, blue, grey, yellow, brown, pink or even a sophisticated platinum for a dinner date or an outing with your friends. You can highlight or lowlight your hair with vibrant colors for the looks you have in mind. If you are a person who likes to experiment with hair colors, then you should try Colorisma Temporary Hair Color For Men and Women, which does zero damage to your hair. Hair colors are not only limited to women; there are hair colors for men as well.

Different Types Of Temporary Hair Color

Let's take a quick look at different types of temporary hair colors:

1. Hair Chalk

This hair chalk is incredible. Its opacity means that it will show up on all hair colors. Wet your hair and then separate the sections into sections. Then, run the chalk through your hair. It lasts up to 2-4 shampoos.

2. Hair Mascara

Hair mascara is generally used to cover up the greys. But it is also a great way to color your hair. This is the most temporary dye, which lasts only 1-2 washes.

3. Colored Hair Spray

As the name suggests, it's a hairspray that has added color. One application lasts approximately 2-4 shampoos.

4. Cream-based hair color

Cream based temporary hair colors are the next big thing! You should definitely check out Anveya's temporary hair color makeup. The trend is spreading like wildfire. The convenience of applying a cream based color and washing it off as and when you wish at any time of the day without external help is amazing!

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How Does A Temporary Hair Color Work?

Temporary colors are much easier to use than permanent ones. Temporary colors are made to last for a short duration and don't stain your hair shaft. It fades away generally after one or two washes. Anveya colorisma’s hair colors goes away in one wash and in no time. The color will start to fade fast if your hair has a thick protective layer of cuticle. If your hair has a weaker protective layer of cuticle, you might notice a tint for more extended periods. Hair color applied with heat can stick around for a little longer.

Create endless looks with one color, in different styles, or by mixing and matching more than one color. Add color to your hair, break the contemporary hairstyles and start playing with colors.

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