Coping with the sudden onset of anxiety made easy

Coping with the sudden onset of anxiety made easy

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OCD, social fears, panic attacks, depression, and disorientation in thought all are part of anxiety. A rather neglected mental health topic anxiety is on the rise and we need to start talking about it. As per a report, 284 million people are suffering from this disorder, globally. For those who don’t know, anxiety is a disorder that prevents people from doing simple things, because of fear. Technically speaking anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. It is the fear of the future that makes people nervous.

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What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a major mental health issue, that is not spoken about often. However, it is not a life sentence and people can come out of it. There are many procedures, medications, and meditation, to bounce back from anxiety, and today, we will discuss just that. If you suffer from anxiety and are looking for a solution then this blog is for you.

It is ok to feel anxious at times, especially when you are in a difficult situation. Most people feel nervous before big occasions like moving to a different city or starting a new job, and that is normal, however, an anxiety disorder will make you fear simple situations and stop you from going ahead with it. This type of anxiety makes a person dull because they fear things and stop exploring their options. If left untreated anxiety can get worse, and even simple tasks appear to be dangerous. Women are more prone to anxiety disorders because they are more emotional than men.

What Are Panic Attacks

Untapped and saturated anxiety often leads to panic attacks, which can be extremely unsettling. Pounding heart rate, sweats, chills, dizziness, and shortness of breath come together during a panic attack. It can last from 10 to 30 minutes and can make people feel mentally exhausted after the entire episode. Anxiety attacks or panic attacks happen when your emotions are exposed to negative outcomes, and there is a sense of imminent danger.

Can Panic Attacks Be Prevented?

When a panic attack kicks in, the body gets into a fight-or-flight response. A great way to avoid this entire trajectory is to ground yourself by deep breathing. Yes, the simple act of deep breathing doesn’t receive enough credit, but it helps in healing the nervous system. Try and fight the fear within you, to be able to avoid the entire episode. Affirmations also help, to get out of it.

How To Cope With Anxiety?

Anxiety isn’t a life-long issue. There are ways to put an end to all that heartburn by talking to a therapist. People often shy away from mental counseling because of the social stigma attached to it. However, it is the only solution to battle ongoing anxiety. Therapy helps in reducing the severity of the symptoms while reducing the frequency of panic attacks.

Apart from that, look for triggers that make you anxious. It could be your job, debt, health problems, exposure to trauma, a negative episode from the past, etc. Try and face these triggers and understand that they can only harm you if you allow them to.

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Coping Strategies And Remedies For Anxiety

Panic attacks and anxiety bouts can be avoided if you learn relaxation techniques that will ease the nervous system and the brain.

  1. Take some time out: Juggling between family and work can be very stressful. Use 30 minutes of your day to do nothing. Lie down, stay away from gadgets, deep breath, have a cup of chamomile tea, look outside, listen to music and just ease your senses.
  2. Limit your caffeine intake: Caffeine can make people nervous and jittery, so if you already have a history of panic attacks then avoid caffeine by all means.
  3. Meditate: The benefits of meditation are plenty, one of them is calming the senses. Create a relaxing aura around you by using a relaxing essential oil in a diffuser. Sandalwood, lavender, chamomile, and sage will prove to be amazing to relax your senses.
  4. Keep a track of your triggers: As mentioned before, triggers can lead to severe anxiety and episodes of panic attacks, so if you can keep a track of them, you can deal with them. You can either stop yourself from reacting to triggers or face them without fearing them.
  5. Do feel-good exercises: Physical fitness is related to mental fitness, therefore, opt for a fun workout session that will divert your mind. You can try MMA, Zumba, dance workouts, Pilates, or go for a run. It will keep you fit mentally and physically.
  6. Sleep well: Getting adequate sleep is crucial for everyone’s health. It helps in keeping adrenaline in check and makes you calm.
  7. Stop being critical of yourself: People who are overly critical of themselves, often find themselves to be very anxious. Learn to be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. You are allowed to make mistakes, realize them and learn from them rather than beating yourself up.
  8. Medication: Doctors can prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicine to those who are suffering from this problem, therefore always seek help and remedies for anxiety rather than allowing your it to loom you into a constant sense of doom. Most medicines do not have the risk of dependency so don’t fear medical intervention when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

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