Does Temporary Hair Colour Work On Dark Hair

Does Temporary Hair Colour Work On Dark Hair?

Unlike Loreal and Garnier’s hair colours, which are permanent in nature, colouring your hair using a temporary hair colour is a different ball game altogether. It is pretty similar to test driving a car before you buy it. You’re eager to find out how it works, the look and feel. While dealing with temporary hair colours, if you’re not a fan of the vibrant teal you chose, you can always switch to another crazy colour with the ease of changing a formal outfit to a party one. Also, temporary hair dyes are a blessing in disguise to the commitment-phobes out there, who can’t stick to just one permanent hair colour for a longer period of time. If you’re one of them, we understand your urge to switch things up every once in a while. The convenience of temporary hair colour kills that fear in you. At the end of the day, you can easily wash out the colour of your hair with your regular shampoo!

As if that wasn’t enough, the application of temporary hair colour is also super effortless. While permanent hair colour might demand expensive parlour appointments, temporary hair colours don’t. The colours add a vibrant burst to your locks without creating too much of a mess. When you apply temporary hair colour, it stays on top of the strands, without changing the natural hair colour you’re born with.

Natural Hair Colour

Let’s arrive at the main point of discussion now. Does a temporary hair colour actually work on dark hair? The answer is yes, it does. Temporary hair colours coat hair strands adding eye-popping colours, no matter how dark your natural hair colour is. Be it naturally rich black, light brown hair colour or dark brown hair colour, you can choose a funky blue hair colour, crazy red hair colour or punk purple hair colour for your strands and it’ll work just fine! However, one thing you should note when it comes to subjecting your hair to temporary hair colours or getting highlights is that you purchase a good hair colour product. Colorisma offers a premium quality range of mystic, dreamy and fascinating colours that cling to your hair only till you wash them off. There’s no such thing as hair colours for men or hair colours for women! It’s for every other colour fanatic. They’re the perfect colourful solutions to your need for one-day transformations.

Light Brown Hair Colour

People who want colours to stay for a comparatively longer time often go for bleaching their hair strands. But if you kick start conversations with people around regarding bleaching, you’d notice that many people are averse to the concept. Uncountable disastrous experiments apart, the fact that bleach breaks down the protective layer of your hair scares people. Fortunately, you do not have to lighten your hair to use temporary hair colours.

One catch of having fun with temporary hair dye is that, if your hair has a really fine and light texture, the colour might stay a little longer than you hoped it to. But it won’t ruin the natural colour of your hair. It’s kind of like when the guest you invited home for the day refuses to leave even after the clock strikes 12 am! (We can assure you that, usually with Indian hair, the colour will bid adios in a day.)

Global Hair Colour 

Who knew colouring hair without causing absolutely no damage would be possible? Temporary hair colours make your global hair colour, balayage or lowlights dreams easier to attain. Because the colour does not seep into the roots of our strands, the damage isn’t a nightmare for hair colour enthusiasts. Go ahead, rainbow up your tresses just for a day and score tons of compliments without any commitment. Because, why not?




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