Estheticians Reveal the Super Effective Winter Skincare Tips

Estheticians Reveal the Super Effective Winter Skincare Tips

We often prefer hot coffee, hot soup, hot water bath, sunbath, room heaters in winter. To withstand the cold, we only think of ways and means to keep our body warm but tend to not care for our skin. Skin is the most exposed part of the body, dry and chilled winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin. The body is stripped off the natural oils, making the skin look dry, dull and flaky.

The onset of winter calls for a special skincare routine, as the chilled weather makes the skin - flaky, dry and itchy. Here in this article, we will be sharing some easy winter skincare tips which will breathe new life into your dull, dry and flaky skin.

Essential Skincare Tips For Winter 

The chilled climate outside and the dry air inside (due to the use of heaters) can take a toll on your skin. Don’t you feel, it’s a good idea to be prepared with some good moisturizers in your beauty arsenal before the onset of winter. Its never too late to start with a daily skincare routine to maintain a healthy glow and a bright complexion throughout this winter. Here we will be sharing expert advice on some of the best skincare tips for this winter, to keep your skin soft, smooth, radiant and well hydrated.

1. Prep The Interior Of Your Home 

Dry air during winters is the primary reason for your skin to lose moisture. Dermatologists recommend using a humidifier inside the room to maximize the level of moisture in the air. A cool air humidifier is beneficial in increasing the moisture level of the room, thus helping your skin stay hydrated. Remember to keep the humidifier in low or medium temperature to avoid extreme dryness in the air.

2. Change Your Eating Habits 

Many of us are aware of the fact that there is a connection between the skin and the gut. Whatever you eat, reflects on your skin. Dermatologists recommend a higher intake of fats during winter as these fats can help reduce skin dryness. Increase the intake of olive oil, walnuts, almonds, avocados and try to add healthy fat in your diet, as the essential fatty acids in these food products improve the hydration levels of your skin. It is also necessary to keep a check on the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, as these beverages are diuretics which can cause dehydration, resulting in dry, dull and flaky skin. Drink as much water as you can to keep your body and skin hydrated.

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3. Use The Buffing Technique 

First and foremost get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin as they interfere with the absorption of the product. Your moisturizers, creams and lotions will remain on skin’s surface unless the debris and dead skin cells are removed. Use a gentle exfoliator such as lactic acid or glycolic acid to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Those with parched and flaky skin can skip the exfoliating part, instead use a mild skin cleanser at least twice a week. Now that you have buffed your skin, the absorption of the serums, moisturizers and creams becomes easier.

4. Apply An Antioxidant Serum 

Our skincare experts recommend using an antioxidant serum throughout the year, to keep your skin healthy, youthful and radiant. You can go for an alcohol-free antioxidant serum. The antioxidants fight free radicals which are responsible for causing skin damage. Free radicals break down the collagen which results in the appearance of age spots, sunspots and pigmentation. It is always good to use a Vitamin C serum, throughout the year, to maintain a healthy glow on your skin. Apply Vitamin C serum in the morning and follow it up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen of your choice.

5. Switch To Ultra Hydrating Face Cream 

As the winter approaches, ditch your regular moisturizer or face cream and switch to ultra-hydrating and nourishing face creams. Pick rich and thick moisturizing face cream that is rich in ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides in your skincare products are effective in protecting and retaining the skins natural barrier, preventing moisture loss. While, hyaluronic acid hydrates your skin, keeping it soft and smooth.

6. Steer Clear Of Facial Cleansers Containing Harsh Chemicals 

Avoid the use of skincare products containing harsh chemicals which can dry out your skin. Instead, use a mild and natural cleanser, which gently cleanses your skin without stripping it off its natural oils.

7. Avoid Hot Showers 

You may want to enjoy a hot shower during winter, but it's not good for your skin. Avoid hot showers as it can rob your skin of its natural oils, making your skin look dry and flaky. Always use lukewarm water for taking a bath. Limit your shower time to 5 minutes or even less if possible, this is to avoid surface dehydration. Immediately after shower, apply a thick layer of moisturizer as it helps to lock the moisture inside your skin.

8. Stick To A Perfect Winter Night Skincare Routine 

Follow a disciplined nighttime skincare routine, so that you wake up every morning feeling fresh, hydrated and radiant. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser and then apply Vitamin C serum, followed by a moisturizer. Do not forget to apply an under-eye gel and a lip balm before hitting the bed.
Follow these simple tips recommended by skin care experts, to keep your skin hydrated, well-nourished and radiant throughout this winter.

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Top Winter Care Myths Busted

The winters are earmarked for special skincare requirements. With proper care, you can have baby-soft skin and flawless complexion even during winter. Keep reading to know some common myths or some common skincare mistakes to avoid in order to have healthy and beautiful skin.

Myth 1: People With Oily Skin Do Not Need Moisturizer Even During Winter.

Due to the cold weather, your skin becomes dry, flaky and parched. During winter, everyone has to deal with dry skin, irrespective of the skin type. Always keep a good moisturizing cream handy, and use it regularly to keep your skin well hydrated and nourished.

Myth 2: Sunscreen Is Not Required During Winter.

During winter, the sun is closest to earth, it's rays can damage the natural barrier of the skin. SPF acts as a protective layer over the skin surface, protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays. So never even, think of skipping sunscreen from your skincare routine in winter.

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Myth 3: Winter Is Not Harsh On My Skin As Compared To Summer.

The cold weather can be extremely harsh on your skin, making it dull, dry and patchy. The dry winter winds can rob the skin off its natural oil, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles and early signs of ageing.

Myth 4: Facial Moisturizer Is All That Is Required For Complete Skin Care During Winter.

A good moisturizer can prove to be a life-saver for your skin during winter, but that’s not enough. Pick a good lip balm as well to protect your lips from dryness.

Myth 5: My Skin Is Very Sensitive, So I Don’t Have To Use Any Moisturizer On My Skin.

Even sensitive skin requires proper hydration to keep it healthy and glowing. Pick hypoallergenic skincare products suitable for your sensitive skin.

Myth 6: Eczema Is Just An Allergic Reaction.

Eczema is indeed a skin condition caused due to an allergic reaction, but cold, dry winds can also trigger eczema. Protect your skin from dryness during winter by slathering your skin with a good moisturizer, to prevent dry skin conditions like eczema.

Winters are as glorious as any other season that can be. Fall in love with your skin this winter with just a little extra care!





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