For Men: How To Style Coloured Hair?

For Men: How To Style Coloured Hair?

We often forget to address the handsome men around while discussing stunning hair colours. We admit it, we owe you guys an apology! But hey, we’ve come up with some brilliant and awespiring ways to style your coloured hair. Go get gorgeous balayage, lowlights, highlights, money pieces or any other trending hair colour style. But before that, here’s a blog dedicated solely to you guys. Spice up your everyday look with bright vibrant hair colours - permanent hair colour or temporary hair colours, we leave the choice to you to style it up. Here’s everything you need to know about styling your coloured hair.

How Should Men Style Coloured Hair?

How Should Men Style Coloured Hair

There are a lot of things you must look into before choosing a different hair colour, like your natural skin colour or undertone (if you have green veins, you are warm-toned, and must choose warm colours like shades of yellow, orange, and brown hair colours; and if you have blue veins, you are cool-toned and hence should opt for cool colours like ash blondes and shades of blue and purple), your style and your natural hair colour, too!

Also, pick a colour or colours that go well with your style. You could rock a red hair colour, a badass blue hair colour, an out-of-the-world blonde hair colour, or a peppy purple hair colour too, it’s entirely up to you!

What Colours Should Guys Dye Their Hair?

Given below are a few colours for guys to dye their hair:

1. Platinum Blonde Waves

Platinum Blonde Waves

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If you’re a cool undertone guy who dresses up casually, this one’s the look for you. These platinum blonde waves from dark roots to light tips would be the perfect look for you!

2. Smokey Grey Curls

Smokey Grey Curls

Have a tough schedule that doesn’t allow you frequent visits to the salon? Go for this look! This requires bleaching the hair and toning it to give a subtle yet metallic shine to your hair.

3. Silver hair colour

Silver hair colour

This one’s high maintenance, if you’re going to go for permanent hair colours. If your budget and schedule allow it, go for it! This melted silver hue looks best on thick and wavy hair.

4. Copper Brown hair colour

Copper Brown hair colour

Do you have curly voluminous hair? Then this copper brown shade is the one for you! This will bring out your striking features and create a vibrant look for every single one of your beautiful curls!

5. Chocolate Brown hair colour

Chocolate Brown hair colour

Probably the most underrated hair colour to ever exist, chocolate brown hair colour gives a stunning yet dreamy look. Best part? It goes finely with all skin tones!

6. Rich Red hair colour

Rich Red hair colour

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Are you a cool-toned guy with a fair, medium, or dark complexion? Then this deep red hue is just for you! Also, it goes well with any hair type, so that's a plus point in itself!

7. Blended Grey Hair colour

Blended Grey Hair colour

This perfect blend of grey hair with lowlights is the colour for you if you are past your thirties and want to do something stylish with your hair!

8. Multi-colour


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If you think the usual black and browns are boring for you and you can’t seem to pick just one best hair colour, experiment with a multiple colour look. Best suited for medium to long hair on top, this hair colour is a unique blend of bright daring colours for men who’re open to experimentation.

9. Silver Ashy Blonde hair colour

Silver Ashy Blonde hair colour

Looking for a fun yet natural hue for your short, straight hair? Then this one’s for you! This silver ashy blonde hue is perfect for people who don’t have time for constant maintenance and care of their hair as even if the silver shades wash off, you will still have the ashy blonde hues!

10. Purple and Pink

Purple and Pink

Want to experiment with your hair with funky colours? Then we have the perfect match for you! These stunning hues of bright pink and purple give off a funky yet stylish vibe!

Does Hair Colour Damage Your Hair?

Now that we’ve talked all about different hair colours, let's jump to a really serious question- Does hair colour damage your hair? The answer is- yes when it comes to permanent hair colours. Excessive usage of bleach and ammonia-based products leads to rough, frizzy hair, prone to breakage, not to mention, increasing the chance of hair loss. These may even lead to an itchy scalp.

So does that mean you should stop colouring your hair? No! Just like there's a solution for everything, there's a solution for this as well. Thanks to the constantly advancing beauty technology, now we have ammonia-free hair colours, such as temporary hair colours. Free from ammonia and peroxide, these hair colours wash out within one shampoo wash, and hence, do not damage your hair. These usually have a gentle formula, so if you have a sensitive scalp, this should be your go-to! Another option is a colouring conditioner, which helps in conditioning your hair along with colouring it, leading to soft, silky smooth hair. However, the convenience and ease of using temporary hair colours makes it the best option ever.

Should Men Dye Their Hair Before Or After Haircut?

It is recommended to dye your hair after you get a haircut because if you dye your hair before and get a haircut later, you might end up ruining the different tones of your new hair colour. And this solely applies to permanent hair colours. Also, after you get a haircut, you’ll have a better idea as to how you wish to colour it.

Got your eye on highlights? Man, these are the best hair colours to go for!

Highlights for men mean hair streaks. Discussed below are the 5 best colours for hair highlights for men.

1. Bronde Shade

Bronde Shade

This brown hair colour+blonde hair colour looks perfect on black hair, creating a stylish look.

2. Platinum Hair Colour

Platinum Hair Colour

Looking for a twist to your boring hair without changing your entire hair colour? Go for these icy platinum highlights!

3. Blonde Highlights for Man-bun

Blonde Highlights for Man-bun

Do you have long hair? Then try these blonde highlights. These give an exceptionally stylish result when put up into a man bun!

4. Pastel Colours

Pastel Colours

These pretty shades go finely with blonde hair.

5. Fantasy Shades

Fantasy Shades

Want to go for something bright? Try these fantasy shades like hot pink, red, blue, green, purple, and silver. These will add extra glamour to your dark hair!

Now that you know everything about how to style coloured hair for men, go and choose a colour from the wide-ranging categories of hair colours for men.




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