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Guest Post: Are You Using the Right Product?

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I have always been a fan of skincare routine and have seen people using multiple products in a structured manner, but many a time, not the right product needed for their skin type is used, with the result that they lose interest in continuing the routine when they do not see any improvement or even worse they see adverse effect.

Using The Right Products

Not long ago, I used to believe that the standard products available in the market are fit to be used on my skin for any problem and I can follow the instructions blindly given by the manufacturers.

Over a period of time as I moved further and started getting deep into skin and beauty sector, I realised that not all products on the shelf, packaged attractively, claiming to be the perfect one for my skin type will suit me. One example I would like to mention, to give you a better insight into where these products do not do any good to everyone with similar skin problem.

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A Friend's Problem

I was in consultation with my friend who was fairly aware of her skin type and was suffering from acne and when she told me about her routine, I could understand that she has been misguided about the type of products that should be used. Her skin was dry and dehydrated but she was using the entire range of products for oily skin because just like everyone else she was told that acne occurs due to excess oil production. Although there could be a mix of factors leading to acne, and having oily skin alone cannot be the only cause. It came as a shocker to her when I told her to use something which can act as a moisturizer while she was using everything possible to keep her skin dry.

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The Learning

I have come across many such cases and it is quite a myth that oily skin does not need any moisturization. In most of the cases, as a result of wrong products that we use and various other environmental factors, the skin produces excess oil to cope up with the need of dropping moisture levels, to maintain optimum skin functioning. This leads to adverse effects, completely opposite to our expectations. So next time when you go for off the shelf products, remember to take the claims with a pinch of salt. Hope you take good care of our skin, the largest organ, along with educating yourself about what works best for you.PS: Post our session, my friend took my non-greasy "Dew Drop Facial Oil" specially formulated for acne prone dry skin and the results were quite satisfying.

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