Hair Makeup: The World Of Temporary Hair Colours!

Hair Makeup: The World Of Temporary Hair Colours!

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The universe heard you when you said, I wish I could colour my hair without damage and drama! Hair makeup makes all your hair colour dreams come true instantly. How cool, right? But how do temporary hair colours work? Do they not cause damage? Are they overrated?

Our first instinct is to reject whatever is new and unknown that comes our way. But anonymity shouldn’t stop you from having fun and making the most of the craze the world of colours has to offer! So, here we are breaking down the concept of temporary colours to make sure it doesn’t seem too daunting for you to experiment with.

Let’s address the most basic question that comes up in our heads when we think about temporary hair colours!

What are temporary hair colours and why should I consider getting them?

Temporary hair colours basically refer to a commitment-free relationship with colours. One shampoo session is all it takes for you to wash off the colour. Welcome, all your spontaneous hair colour adventures, platinum Mondays, Blood red Tuesdays, peppy pink Wednesdays and more colours – one colour for each day of the week. You can play around with the instant hair colours, get crazy creative and develop custom shades by mixing up a different range of colours. You can get global hair colour, highlights, soft balayage, and lowlights, go for the trending money piece that frames your face, it’s up to you. Be it a quick party or a sudden date, temporary hair colours are a saving grace for you to look sassy and classy all at once. You’ll find hair colours for men and hair colours for women separately too, according to your preference.

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On that note, you need to check out Anveya Colorisma metallic and matte temporary hair colorsYou can apply these gorgeous hair colors in 2 minutes without bleach anytime anywhere!

How are they different from permanent hair colours?

Even though they appear one and the same, permanent hair colours and temporary hair colours are as different as two different flavoured ice creams. Both of them are ice creams, but has completely different taste and feel. Permanent hair colours are for people who are comfortable committing to hair colours for a longer period of time. Apart from being long-lasting, they comprise strong chemicals in large quantities, which may cause severe damage to your hair. In addition to that, the process is super time-consuming! You got to dedicate at least one half of a day, depending on the style and the shade of the permanent hair colour you chose, to bleach and apply colour. If you booked a parlour appointment for the same, it costs you a hell lot of money too! Also, it might take you years to repair the damage caused by permanent hair colours.

How are they different from permanent hair colours?

On the other hand, temporary hair colours are mild in nature. You can get rid of them after a fun night with merely one wash. Temporary hair colours create a coating on the surface of your hair, it has no business with the roots of your hair, which is exactly the reason why it doesn’t cause half the damage caused by permanent hair colours. You don’t have to lighten your hair with bleach too! Apply the best hair colour in your mind whenever you’re in the mood and wash off. Even intense colours - such as red hair colour, blue hair colour, burgundy hair colour, purple hair colour, blonde hair colour or even wild grey hair colour, can be applied effortlessly to rich black hair with ease. Colour fanatics, you guys are welcome for the blessing!

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Do they harm your hair?

harm your hair

Unlike permanent hair colours, temporary hair colours do not cause any long-term damage to your natural locks! These colours simply coat your natural hair colour from the outside, they do not penetrate into your roots.

Is using a temporary hair colour at home easy?

Is using a temporary hair colour at home easy

You can apply temporary hair colours at the comfort of the four walls of your home! It is as easy as applying make-up on your face. You can make it complicated if you want to, it all depends on you!

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Hair colours are a way of expressing your creative side. Then, why limit yourself? With temporary hair colours, the possibilities are limitless. Have you tried Colorisma, the all-new range of temporary hair colours by Anveya? Give it a shot. Have fun with colours, mess it up and do it all over again, sounds like life, doesn’t it? On that note, let your colourful quests begin!




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