How Long Does A Temporary Hair Colour Last?

How Long Does A Temporary Hair Colour Last?

Simply put, as long you want it to. This might sound hilarious to you, but honestly, temporary hair colour stays only till you let it stay, unlike a permanent hair colour. After your impulsive colour craze wears off, you can wash off the colours in your strands and lose your one-day transformation in shampoo bubbles.

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It’s the e-girl era and the need for quick and hassle-free hair colours is on a rise. Hair makeup is extremely similar to face make-up. You wash off your make-up before you go to bed after you reach home from a party, right? That’s exactly how you deal with hair make-up, too.

Temporary hair colour is actually a boon to all the colour enthusiasts out there. Think about it, isn’t damage and commitment-free colours every other fashionista’s dream? You get to maintain your hair integrity, at the same time, show off your quirky side with the best hair colour of your dreams. It’s your moment to step into punk territory without any fear. A midday sun red hair colour, powdery blue hair colour, popping pink or a mix of all three. Because why not? They adapt to your natural hair colour, texture and type with much ease.

Temporary hair colour

Instant hair dye is all about temporary hair colours. When you apply temporary hair colour on your hair strands, it merely covers the outer portion of your hair. The fact that it is formulated with pigments that don’t seep into the roots of your hair is the reason why it doesn’t cause any damage to your natural hair colour or hair health in general. In addition to that, unlike permanent hair colours, these hair colours are free from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are capable of inflicting damage on your delicate hair.

The biggest advantage of dealing with Instant hair dye is the ease of application. When it comes to temporary hair colour, the application is messier and results in a hell lot of damage as the colour penetrates your hair follicles to deposit. A temporary hair dye can be applied without any external help whatsoever. Permanent hair colours demand expensive parlour visits investing hours of patience. Temporary hair dye, as the name suggests, can be worn temporarily like a pretty outfit and taken off in a matter of minutes. You can create custom shades with these highly versatile hair colours according to your changing moods and needs. You can also straighten, curl or style your hair the way you want, after the hair dye you applied dries.

Temporary hair dye

If your hair is naturally black, colours with super rich pigments such as peppy purple hair colour, unusual grey hair colour, classy blonde hair colour and burgundy hair colour will look obnoxiously beautiful! You can try pretty pastels or multiple hues of the rainbow in ombre hair colour if you own lighter hair. You can go for global hair colour, highlights, lowlights, balayage or even create money pieces that frame your face and accentuate your features. You can go for any wild experiments you have stopped yourself from till now fearing the after-effects of using permanent hair colour. You’d find plenty of hair colours for men and hair colours for women out there in the market.

One of the main reasons why people are scared of trying permanent hair colours is the damage it brings long and also the worry that it’ll suit their style and personality. Temporary hair colours take those fears out of your system once and for all. If you’re not sure about the colour matching your vibe, try it on a few of your strands! Not a fan? Wash it off. Do you see how easy it works? The freedom that temporary hair colours offer is irresistible. People belonging to any age group can play with their creative vision using these hair colours!




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