4 Major Hair Colour Mistakes

How To Fix 4 Major Hair Colour Mistakes?

Every mortal who has experimented with colouring on their own at home has dealt with hair colour disasters. While temporary hair colours can be easily applied and washed off whenever you wish, according to your convenience, permanent hair colours are a different ball game altogether. When it comes to temporary hair colours, even the most disastrous situations are manageable. Permanent hair colours on the other hand make it a little difficult for you to deal with. The mistakes are not that easy to be dealt with but don’t worry, you’re not alone.

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There’s absolutely no need to panic, we’ve all been there. Much similar to life, mistakes are a part and parcel of colouring your hair. Even if you stick to safe brown hair colours, such as light brown hair colour, dark brown hair colour, a chocolate brown hair colour or you go for wild experiments with burgundy hair colour, grey hair colour and ombre hair colour.

Hair colours seldom turn out the way you want them to. That’s okay, we’re here with open arms to save you from the misery. Love is in the hair and always will be, be it temporary hair colours or permanent hair colours!

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Here're a few permanent hair colour disasters we’ve come across and we’re sure you might have, too! We’ve paired each disastrous DIY situation with a solution.

1. I left my hair colour for too long and now it’s too dark!

Hair colour for too long

Out of all the hair colour blunders, this is the most common of the lot. Most often, when you colour your beautiful locks at home to create highlights, lowlights, balayage or global hair colour, we kind of lose track of time and it gets too tacky, far from what we imagined. First of all, you should not subject your already damaged hair to hair solutions meant for colour removal. Such decisions made in a rush might result in uneven shades you’d regret for the rest of your life.

Get your hands on a good clarifying shampoo. It helps to get rid of the product build-up, removes colour and cleanses your strands deeply. Pick the areas where the colour is too dark and concentrate there when you shampoo. Double the number of times you wash your hair and do not forget to apply hydrating conditioners to make sure the strands are not too dry.

2. My hair looks too brassy: I want to get rid of the yellows & oranges

Hair looks too brassy

Different hair types and colours respond to hair colours differently. The results you’d get might be totally unexpected. When you’re dealing with hair which has been coloured time and again, you can never expect the outcome accurately. If your hair ends up appearing too brassy and dead, there are three things you need to note to improve the situation. Try not to expose your hair to chlorine at all, as it’ll only make it worse. Reduce sun exposure at all costs. You’re living in India and that might sound kind of impossible, but you gotta do it. How about a scarf when you head out? You can also try a decent colour depositing mask from the market to get rid of the yellow and orange hair colours.

3. My colour is fading too soon!

Hair colour

Okay, don’t fret. This is not that rare. When you dye your hair with a bright and vibrant blue hair colour, red hair colour, purple hair colour or blonde hair colour, they’re most likely to fade soon, especially when you don’t alter your hair care routine for extra care. A colour depositing hair mask might help in hydrating your coloured strands, regaining the smooth texture and giving it the colour boost it deserves!

4. I have a pink forehead!

Pink forehead

Let’s face it. Even with the best hair colour, you can’t colour your hair at home without staining it somewhere. That’s the rule of the jungle. It does get messy and it’s normal for you to splatter it on your arms, forehead or wherever. Similar to temporary hair colours, the stains caused by permanent hair colours are also easy to get rid of. Relax, take a deep breath, and grab some alcohol and some cotton. Take some alcohol in the cotton and dab it on the stained areas to get rid of the hair colour.

The last piece of advice we’ve for you is that never give up on colouring your hair no matter how disastrous the mistakes get. Experiment with temporary hair colours, switch hair colours every damn day of your life. Learn from the disasters, make the same mistakes a few more times with permanent hair colours, learn and continue having fun with various categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women. There might be a zillion ways to mess up hair colouring, there’re equally more ways for them to be corrected. A little time and a lot of love are enough to regain your healthy hair with the natural hair colour. However, we’d suggest you always play it safe and don’t burn your house down, while you’re at it.

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