How To Get Your Hair Party Ready In 5 Minutes?

How To Get Your Hair Party Ready In 5 Minutes?

Do you have to go to a party you’d forgotten all about? And now you don’t have enough time to style your hair to get it party-ready quickly? And, perhaps, you’re thinking you cannot go to the party anymore? Don’t you worry, because we have got your back! In this blog, we will discuss some genius hacks that will get your hair party-ready in five minutes! So, what are we even waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

Hair Colours for the rescue!

Switch your natural hair colour with a vibrant and pleasing hair colour would be a vibe! Such situations call for a gorgeous temporary hair colour. They are easy to wear and carry. Temporary hair colours have transformed the hair colouring game altogether. Highlights, balayages, lowlights, money pieces, the trends you can experiment with hair colours are infinite. Since they’re easy to get rid of, you don’t have to play around with the same safe brown hair colours.

So, here are temporary hair colours that can get your hair party-ready within 5 minutes.

1. Hair Chalk Compact

These are probably the easiest-to-apply temporary hair colours! Choose the colour you want to highlight your hair with and apply it to your hair. Apply it on wet hair to get better and quicker results! Blow-dry your hair, and ta-da! You have your temporary hair highlights within 5 minutes!

2. Hair Chalk Sticks

Hair Chalk Sticks are something you can apply with minimal effort! Just wet the section of your hair that you want to colour and let it dry with a blow-dryer. And just like that, your hair is coloured within minutes! Also, to wash it off, you can use a clarifying shampoo.

3. Hair Chalk Spray

Hair chalk spray is as easy to apply to your hair as is applying hairspray! Take the hair chalk spray of the colour you want and spray it on your hair- wet or dry- before going out!

4. Colour Conditioner

Colour conditioner is more suitable if you already have coloured hair and want to give it a quick touch-up. This colour conditioner will offer just the party look by making your hair look silkier and shinier!

5. Liquid temporary hair colour

Creamy and tempting hair colours are grabbing all the eyeballs at present. It’s incredible how easy it is to apply and wash off, in just one shampoo, that too. They come in tubes which are super convenient to carry in hand bags. You can dab on a bright red hair colour, a badass blue hair colour, a funky purple hair colour, or even a sophisticated blonde hair colour, depending on your mood and occasion.

Quick Hairstyle Hacks To Get Your Hair Party Ready In Five Minutes!

You know the best hair colour you want your hair, but what about the hairstyle?! That’s why, here are 5 quick hairstyling hacks to get your hair party ready in five minutes!

1. The Perfect Voluminous Hair

The Perfect Voluminous Hair

Apply some volumizing mousse through damp hair that's at least half dry. Start applying from the lower layers, directing the nozzle downward to help smoothen hair. Achieve the same with the top layers and curl the ends. Apply some volumizing spray and flip your hair upside down to create volume. Lastly, apply hairspray and ta-da! There you have your perfect voluminous hair!

2. The Retro Look

The Retro Look

Soft curl your entire hair in sections and pin each section. Spray a sufficient amount of hairspray. Then, take out the pins and brush your hair. Lastly, use tiny bands to collect your hair into pigtails, and there you have your Retro hairstyle!

3. Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun

Section your hair into two on either side of the head. Twist both sections to meet at the back of your head to form a bun. Simple as a piece of cake!

4. Half-Braided-Curls


Take two sections of hair from either side of your hair and braid them to cross at the back. Then, curl your tresses, and voila! You have your half-braided curls!

5. Sophisticated Side Braid

 Sophisticated Side Braid

Side part your hair and gather all your hair on the opposite side of your part. Braid your hair down to the ends and secure it with a hair tie. Lastly, pull out a few hair pieces to give an elegant look. There you have your sophisticated side-braid!

Now you know how to quickly colour and style your hair to get it party-ready in five minutes. We hope you get the perfect look with whatever you choose!





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