How To Make Clove Oil At Home & Brighten Your Skin

How To Make Clove Oil At Home & Brighten Your Skin

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The desire to get problem-free, youthful and radiant skin leads us to experiment with many skin care products, and we end up with dry, dull and acne-prone skin. Slathering your skin with a lot of synthetic products can damage it. So it is always advisable to go natural and use natural ingredients or organic skincare products which give you the desired result without damaging the skin.

Most women, regardless of age, struggle with skin dryness and dullness. Often, people turn to expensive cosmetics, creams, or salon treatments for quick fixes. Or they turn to medication to treat stubborn acne. No matter what skincare products we try, natural remedies are the best way to get clean, clear, radiant skin.

A natural ingredient you can easily find in your kitchen cabinet, i.e., Clove is the unsung hero in the beauty world. How can Clove oil be used to have clear, bright skin? Let's take a closer look at how Clove oil improves the texture and appearance of your skin.

What Is Clove Oil?

Eugenia caryophyllata, commonly known as Clove, is a native of Madagascar and Indonesia, consisting of pink flower buds.

The buds are hand-picked in the late summer and winter. They are then dried until their color turns brown. The buds are crushed into pieces and steam-distilled to make concentrated clove oil. This pale yellow essential oil has strong antibiotic and antibacterial properties that effectively heal minor cuts and wounds.

In clove oil, eugenol plays a major role in giving a strong flavor and fragrance to the clove oil. Eugenol in clove oil is responsible for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil is gifted with medicinal properties, treating various skincare, hair care and health issues. Clove oil is beneficial in toothache and fighting mouth odor. Clove oil is also effective in treating hair care issues such as hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff. Clove oil is also an excellent skincare natural ingredient, which is considered beneficial in treating various skin concerns such as acne, pimples, and blemishes, making your skin clean, clear and shiny.

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Clove Oil
  • Widely used to relieve TOOTHACHE & BAD BREATH
  • Use for skincare, especially to fight against ACNE
  • Anti-aging effects by reducing the appearance of WRINKLES & SAGGING SKIN
  • Hair health fights FUNGAL INFECTIONS

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Skincare Benefits Of Clove Oil

Skincare Benefits Of Clove Oil

Clove oil is known for its antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in salicylic acids, gallic acid, flavonoids, and tannins which attributes to its healing property. Due to these beneficial skincare properties, clove oil is a star ingredient in many skincare products. It is the primary ingredient in many anti-aging skincare products. Let's dig deeper into the skincare benefits of clove oil.

1. Effectively Treats Pimple & Acne

The antiseptic and antimicrobial property is effective in treating pimples and acne. Its anti-inflammatory property has a calming effect on itchy and irritated skin.

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2. Exhibits Antiseptic Properties

Because of its antiseptic properties, clove oil effectively treats minor cuts, wounds or bruises. It accelerates the healing process.

3. Has A Soothing Action On Inflamed Skin

Due to the presence of eugenol, clove oil has a soothing action on inflamed skin. It calms the burning and itchy sensation due to various skin care concerns.

4. Fades Aways Blemishes

Clove oil effectively fades away blemishes by exfoliating the dead skin cells from the skin's surface. It works like a chemical peel, lightening the scars and blemishes.

5. Anti-Ageing Benefits

Clove oil is high in antioxidants. It helps to restore the collagen levels of the skin, making it a vital ingredient in skincare. It exhibits anti-aging properties, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Removes Skin Tags & Warts

Clove oil has proved to be beneficial in eliminating skin tags and warts. You can remove skin tags and warts quickly without any pain. Clove oil is highly potent and shrinks the skin when applied undiluted. It shrinks the skin tags and dries them, which eventually fall off. Repeat this process regularly until the wart disappears. Undiluted clove oil can be very concentrated, so if you feel uncomfortable, stop using it. You may also dilute it with a carrier oil before use or consult your doctor for other methods to remove skin tags and warts.

7. Lightens Dark Circles

Dark circles can be caused by lack of sleep, Vitamin deficiency, fatigue, aging, stress, and dehydration. Clove oil has skin-lightening properties that help reduce dark circles. Clove oil's anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce puffiness in your eyes.

Apply a small amount of diluted clove oil to the dark circles daily, and let it rest overnight. Regular application of clove oil evens out your skin tone and fades away dark circles.

How To Make Clove Oil At Home For Skin Brightening?

How To Make Clove Oil At Home For Skin Brightening?

Clove oil has immense lightening and brightening properties because of the presence of ‘Eugenol .’You can easily make your Clove oil home to add sheen and brightness to your skin.

Ingredients Required

  • Fresh Cloves
  • Carrier Oil - Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil or Grapeseed Oil


Make sure that you use fresh cloves, as the amount of eugenol is high in fresh cloves. To make clove oil, choose the carrier oil you prefer. Since we are making clove oil for skin care benefits, we will choose a carrier oil such as Anveya’s Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil or virgin coconut oil loaded with skincare benefits. Below mentioned are the steps involved in making clove oil.

Step 1: For every cup of oil, you wish to infuse, saute about half a teaspoon of cloves in a saucepan. It is easier to extract the volatile oil by toasting them.

Step 2: Put the cloves in the water and boil them for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Strain the cloves and spread them on a clean, dry towel. Let the cloves dry.

Step 4: Once the cloves are dry, grind them well using a mortar and pestle. Make sure that the mortar and pestle you use are clean.

Step 5: Add the crushed cloves into the container, followed by high-quality cold-pressed jojoba oil or virgin coconut oil.

Step 6: Secure the cap or stopper and place the bottle in a dry, cool area away from sunlight. Every couple of days, shake the bottle.

Step 7: After infusing the oil with the cloves:

  • Keep it aside for at least 14 days before testing it.
  • For a stronger flavor, leave the cloves steep for several weeks.
  • Once the oil has reached the desired flavor, strain it through a muslin cloth and store it into an airtight sterilized container or bottle.

Step 8: Clove oil should be stored in the fridge for one month and used within that time.

If you want to go hassle-free, then make sure that you use the best Clove essential oil available in the market which is of therapeutic value and is organic certified. We recommend using Anveya’s Indonesian Clove Essential Oil- one of our fast selling products which is 100% pure, natural and is ethically sourced, premium quality of Clove Oil. You can be rest assured about its quality.

Clove oil and coconut oil are high antioxidants that fight free radicals responsible for dull and dry skin. The skin-brightening properties of clove oil fade away scars and blemishes. Coconut oil restores the hydration level of your skin and keeps it well-nourished, making your skin look bright and youthful.

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