How To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair? We’ll Tell You!

How To Take Care Of Your Coloured Hair? We’ll Tell You!

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You’re lying if you’re saying you haven’t thought about colouring your hair at least once in your life. But there are a million reasons to stop us from doing what we want. Right? When it comes to hair colouring, one of the million reasons to not go for it is the worry of maintenance that permanent hair colour demands. A lot of people who’ve coloured hair are unaware of a lot of things that need to be taken care of. These are not herculean tasks, but they’re important in order to maintain the health and shine of your permanent hair colour.

Before we go on and on about maintaining permanently coloured hair, we should remind you that temporary hair colours are way easier to handle. Application and removal of temporary hair colour are super easy and effortless. They do not penetrate the roots of your hair! A temporary hair colour forms a thin coating on the outermost layer of the hair strands. The present market of temporary hair colours offers varied categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women.

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Back to permanent hair colours! Taking care of coloured hair may seem a bit tricky in the beginning. Colour-treated hair required a lot of love and care so as to not lose the pigment and vibrance. But once you incorporate simple tips in your hair care routine and lifestyle in general, it becomes the norm. Whether you’re thinking of getting a red hair colour balayage, blue hair colour highlights, blonde hair colour money pieces, grey hair colour lowlights or anything beyond to replace your natural hair colour, you can get them without a second thought. Because lucky for you, we know a thing or two about shielding permanent hair colour on your gorgeous tresses!

Here’s all you need to know about taking care of your purple hair colour, grey hair colour, brown hair colour, ombre hair colour and more permanent hair colours! Enlighten yourself.

1. Avoid washing your hair in hot water

Avoid washing your hair in hot water

Permanent hair colour will fade quickly if you wash your hair using hot water. While shampooing and conditioning coloured hair, use lukewarm water. Rinse your hair strands with cold water post that in order to ensure your hair is well hydrated.

2. Do not wash your hair right after colouring

We’d advise you to not wash your hair right after getting a global hair colour or an expensive colouring appointment. While colouring your hair, the hair cuticles are opened so that the colour gets to seep in. If you wash your hair soon after colouring, the permanent hair colour will bleed away from the open cuticles. Give sufficient time for your hair cuticles to close, so that the colour gets settled well and doesn’t fade away.

3. Use a sulphate-free shampoo

Use a sulphate-free shampoo

Shampoo with sulphates will strip natural moisture from your hair, allowing the water to seep in easily leading to the loss of your best hair colour. Always use a sulphate-free shampoo which is meant for coloured hair.

4. Mix hair dye in your go-to conditioner

One step you should never skip in your hair care routine after colouring is conditioning. Also, before you condition your hair to hydrate coloured strands thoroughly, mix a small amount of hair dye into it. This will help you maintain the pigment, shine and newness always. It’s like redyeing your hair each time you condition it.

5. Go for regular trims

Go for regular trims

Lifeless, dull and dry hair strands which have split ends are not capable of holding onto colours. Colour tends to fade on damaged hair faster than the rest of your hair. So, head to the parlour for regular trims once in a while to keep your hair fresh and full of life.

6. Try not to use a lot of heating products

Try not to use a lot of heating products

Permanently coloured hair is prone to damage. It is better not to use heating products such as straightener, styler or curler! If you can’t stop yourself from using them once in a while, make sure you apply a heat protectant on your tresses to reduce the intensity of the damage caused.

permanent hair colour

Proper aftercare is a must to ensure your permanent hair colour stays beautiful as ever! Otherwise, your colour might fade faster and begin to appear brassy and lifeless. Who would want that? If you want no headache of maintenance and aftercare, you should go for temporary hair colours.

Go ahead, splurge on a hair colour you always knew you could carry!

Take a quick tip!

Take a quick tip

No matter how hard you try, you’ll lose your hair colour little by little each time you wash it. Our tip to you is to limit the number of times you wash your hair.




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