Is It Safe To Use Temporary Hair Colours When I’m Expecting?

Is It Safe To Use Temporary Hair Colours When I’m Expecting?

We’ve come across so many questions about ‘is it safe to use temporary hair colours when I'm expecting or breastfeeding’ and decided to finally address them. So, if you’re among those people who’re still confused about it, you’re not going to be by the end of this blog! We answer all such questions and guide you as to what necessary precautions you must take care of. Let’s start!

Is It Safe To Use Temporary Hair Colours When I’m Expecting?

Temporary Hair Colours

Many of you must be thinking- what even is the correlation between dyeing your hair and being pregnant? But you must know that hair colours contain chemicals and, since they’re applied down to your scalp, therefore, these go deep into your skin and may prove harmful to the foetus. Previous research showed that this contact with hair colours with skin can prove to be potentially harmful to the baby, especially in the first three months of pregnancy. However, according to the latest research, it was found that the chemicals found in temporary and permanent hair colours are not that harmful to the foetus, and therefore, are safe to use while expecting.

Aren’t you excited to carry a fun purple hair colour, an out-of-the-world blue hair colour, bold red hair colour or sophisticated blonde hair colour? Okay, before you jump the gun, there are several other aspects to think about! Like, bleaching, for instance, consists of alkaline chemicals. The use of these alkaline chemicals may increase the risk of chemicals entering your bloodstream and reaching the foetus through the placenta. Just like this, permanent curlers and relaxers also contain sodium hydroxide, which is a chemical that may prove to be harmful to the baby.

Apart from this, many other factors also determine whether you can colour your hair during pregnancy or not. For example, some women experience faster and thicker hair growth during pregnancy due to an increase in their folic acid consumption. Whereas, some women experience hair loss and weak, dry hair because of not getting enough prenatal vitamins. Therefore, if you experience the latter, getting the best hair colour might not prove to be the best option for you at the moment as colouring your already rough and brittle hair might lead to more damage. Hence, all these factors need to be kept in mind while thinking of colouring your hair during pregnancy.

We’ve put together some necessary precautions everyone must take care of while colouring.

Necessary Precautions To Take Care Of While Colouring Your Hair During Pregnancy

Necessary Precautions To Take Care Of While Colouring Your Hair During Pregnancy

We understand you might love colouring your hair if you wish to do it while expecting. Because it is one more thing for you to do, right? There are some necessary precautions everyone must follow while temporarily colouring their hair during pregnancy, including,

  1. Always do a patch test first to make sure your skin is not allergic to the hair dye. This will reduce the chances of you getting an allergic reaction to the hair dye.
  2. Colour your hair in a well-ventilated area to make sure you don’t end up inhaling the chemical toxic fumes of hair colour.
  3. Follow the procedure strictly as written in the box.
  4. Wear gloves while applying the dye to your hair. (usually, with temporary hair colours, you don’t need gloves, but to avoid your fingers contacting with chemicals of any sort, wear gloves.)
  5. It is recommended to wait until the second trimester before colouring your hair.
  6. Since temporary hair colours only colour the outer shaft of your hair, therefore, the chances of the colour coming in contact with your skin are minimal. However, please avoid applying even the temporary hair colours down to your scalp to avoid contact with the hair dye on your skin.
  7. You can pick natural hair colours, too! Natural temporary hair colours like pure henna may prove to be a better option for you as these do not contain any harmful chemicals, and therefore produce no threat to your hair or your skin.
  8. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application. Make sure no remains of dye stay in your hands.
  9. Go for highlights, lowlights or balayage instead of colouring your whole hair. These will minimise the chances of the hair colour coming in contact with your scalp.
  10. Please consult your hair stylist as well as your doctor before making any decision about colouring your hair, to be on the safe side.

Not a lot of people might understand your wish to get a hair colour while expecting. We feel you. They want to paint a different version of themselves at any time is normal because it’s fun. You don’t have to restrict your desires. Your body is changing and this might be the best time to add a little quirk to your personality, too! Have fun and stay safe.




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