Is Temporary Hair Colour Better For Hair?

Is Temporary Hair Colour Better For Hair?

Temporary hair colours are those hair colours that do not contain ammonia or peroxide and can be washed off easily. This blog discusses the basic questions about temporary hair dyes- how do you put temporary colour in your hair, how do you make them last longer, do you put colour on wet or dry hair, and whether temporary hair colours are better for your hair.

How Do You Put Temporary Colour In Your Hair?

Applying temporary hair dye to your hair is super easy. Just follow the following simple steps, and voila! There you have your hair coloured!

  1. Find the Colour you want: The first and foremost step is to choose the temporary colour you want to dye your natural hair colour with. Always pick the colour that compliments your skin tone as well as your eyes.
  2. Perform a patch test: Before actually colouring with the best hair colour, you must perform a patch test on your skin to make sure that your skin is not allergic to the temporary hair colour. If, after the patch test, your skin experiences itching, redness, or swelling, do not continue to use the temporary hair colour as it may have adverse effects on your scalp.
  3. Wash and dry your hair thoroughly: It is important to dry your hair because the drier the hair, the more the dye will soak in. However, we’d suggest you avoid the usage of hair dryers and do not use conditioners before dyeing your hair.
  4. Cover your clothes and hairline: Make sure to cover your hairline and clothes to avoid staining your skin and clothes. Imagine a rich blue hair colour or a highly pigmented purple hair colour staining your clothes. It is recommended to apply petroleum jelly to your hairline.
  5. Apply the dye on your hair: If you’re dyeing all of your hair or a large part of it, take the dye in your hands to apply it to your hair thoroughly. If you’re only creating highlights, lowlights or balayage on your hair or dyeing a part of it, you can use a tint brush to evenly coat your hair.
  6. Evenly spread the colour using a comb: Use a comb to comb the coloured hair to even out the colour and blend it with your hair. You can air dry or use a blow dryer to dry the coloured hair.
  7. Wash your hands: This is the last step. After you’re sure the dye is set, rinse your hands thoroughly until the water turns clear.

You should make it a point to maintain a healthy hair care routine if you’re planning to frequently colour your hair using temporary hair colours or otherwise.

How Do You Make Temporary Hair Colours Last Longer?

How Do You Make Temporary Hair Colours Last Longer?

You can’t. Temporary hair dyes do not last longer than a day or two. The fact that they’re temporary is their biggest advantage. One shampoo wash is all it takes to get rid of the colour.

Do You Put Temporary Hair Colour On Wet Or Dry Hair?

We recommend you apply temporary hair dyes on dry hair as the drier the hair is, the more the colour would soak in. And the more the colour would soak in, the longer would your temporary hair dye last! Applying the colour to wet hair would not yield the best result.

Are Temporary Hair Colours Better For The Hair?

Are Temporary Hair Colours Better For The Hair?

Unlike permanent hair colours, temporary hair dyes do not contain ammonia and peroxide, which damage the cuticle of the hair. They do not seep into the roots of your hair, because of which, they do not result in hair loss, breakage or any other severe hair damage. While permanent hair colours demand commitment, these hair colours are commitment free. You can wash off the hair colour as and when you wish. Carry a blonde hair colour, red hair colour, grey hair colour, brown hair colour or even a sophisticated burgundy hair colour with ease for an evening, create an avatar far from your personality and forget it the next day! How cool would that be?

Therefore, the answer is, yes. As compared to permanent hair colours, temporary hair colours are indeed better for your hair!

permanent hair colours

Now that you know all the basics about temporary hair dyes, go pick your colour and take the plunge, already!




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