Red Hair Color Ideas

Juicy Red Hair Color Ideas You Need To Try!

Red Hair Color

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It’s time to head with red! Having red hair means you are a redhead, and it is a great style statement to show that you are fierce, bold and mean business, ever ready to step up to earn your bread. Red hair color, one of the latest hair color trends will help you step inside everyone’s hearts thanks to your chili look that will send chills down everyone’s spine. Grab some spicy food and read further as we tell you how you can spice up your look!

Juicy Red Hair Color Ideas To Drool Over!

So, now that you’ve woken up from bed, ready to try out red, let’s help you get some inspo with some hair color ideas and hair color trends that can be recreated with Anveya Colorisma Madrid Red!


Red Hair Color

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1. Bright Red Global Hair Color

Bright Red Global hair color

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Are you afraid of going for a look that is too dark? Be like Clementine! (From Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, ofcourse!) Bright red is the go to choice if you are looking for a change with an impact. An overall, classy choice, this look is enriching and glow-y! Hurry up, cuz this is your sign to shine and look divine with red.

2. Money Pieces In Red

Money pieces in Red

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This is an absolute showstopper red look. Once you don this look there is just no one in the room competent enough to steal your limelight. The sight of you would be just perfect as you go about flaunting your gorgeous locks throughout the room, straight into their hearts and minds!

3. Red Underlights

Red Underlights

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but strawberry blonde will make everyone around you want to stay. And though in real life, people eat. A very sweet look for you to go with, this hair color will make everyone want more of you. In this hairstyle you keep a base of blonde or light hair and then add subtle pink highlights to them which gives quite an amazing multi-dimensional effect!

4. Red Highlights On Short Black Hair

Red highlights on short black hair

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but red highlights will make everyone around you want to stay. A badass look for you to go with, this hair color will make everyone want more of you. In this hairstyle you keep a base of rich black hair and then add subtle red highlights to them which gives quite an amazing multi-dimensional effect!

5. Subtle Red On Rich Black

Subtle red on rich black

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This is a look that really makes you stand out amongst everyone. This look will go amazingly well with people who have medium to dark skin tones. This is a very luxurious and bold hair color. So, why wait, go red with sass.

6. Red & Black Bangs

 Red & black bangs

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Yet another amazing style for you to try out. This look brings together fringes in half red and some more red hair color on the other side. The warmth of red gives rise to a very feminine hue. When the tone fades away gracefully, it’s a vision. You can also use toner and gloss to keep it up and glowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is red hair color trending?

*Beep Boop*- Message sending: “Yes, red hair color is trending.”
Bet even ChatGPT isn’t that updated as our AI, eh? All jokes aside, yes red hair color is one of the latest hair color trends and will stay so for quite a while because quite frankly, it is a very versatile color that goes well with a variety of different colors and thus, naturally it’ll stay in the hearts of people for a while.

2. Does red hair look younger?

Red is a color that’ll help you look younger. Normally in many situations, red is used to represent boldness and intensity which is usually representative of youth and our energetic nature… Too philosophical?

3. Is red hair hard to maintain?

Yes, red hair color is quite hard to maintain. It is quite difficult to get your hands on one and maintaining and removing it is also very difficult. But if you are looking to get our hands on convenience incarnate, try out semi-permanent hair colors as they don’t damage your hair and instead repairs them and in general gracefully fade away over time!

4. How to look classy with red hair?

Red is known to go well with many different outfits. Go for black outfits or emerald green, navy etc. for a classy and sophisticated look. If you want some inspiration you can look at some of the outfits worn by personalities such as Emma Stone, Karen Gillan etc. for a better idea of what to wear.

5. What skin color does red hair suit?

Red hair is a very versatile choice and it can complement skin tones such as fair skin tone, light-medium skin tone, olive and dark skin!

A bold choice indeed, we are glad to see that you want to tread on the red. Trend on the red works as well, right? It surely will for you. It’s time to red up if you are fed up with the same boring styles all around. Be sure to check out Anveya for more! Thanks for the read! Or should we say thanks for the red?




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