Let's indulge in self-love this Valentine's Day

Let's indulge in self-love this Valentine's Day

Self-love, a term often overused these days, is a hot topic of discussion; and while we are always speaking about its importance, how many of us are actually practicing it?

Is your social media feed full of mush and all hues of red? Well, ours too! While the world celebrates love and acknowledges the great sacrifice made by Saint Valentine, we at Anveya are taking the opportunity to emphasize self-love.

Self-love, a term often overused these days, is a hot topic of discussion; and while we are always speaking about its importance, how many of us are actually practicing it? Self-love doesn't mean you indulge in all the luxuries of the world and pamper yourself to expensive treatments and experiences. It's about cultivating a comfortable relationship with yourself.

While technology has brought about a high level of social integration in the world, most people feel lonely deep down. There are moments when we feel extremely disconnected to everything, and during this vulnerable period where we often start objectifying ourselves and our decisions. Self-love is all about remedying these problems and tackling them properly to understand one's own psyche. Self-love is above the realm of superficialized artificiality and does not have to depend on material pleasure. It is all about being disciplined of a daily commitment to love and respect the individual that you are. We happen to be loyal to many people, but our core allegiances should be to ourselves, as that will help us safeguard from the criticism the world hurls at us. This is not a once-a-month practice, but something we need to exercise every-single-day.

Often misconstrued to be self-centeredness, self-love is not something taught to us from childhood, which is why we are hard on ourselves. Appreciating yourself, having a high regard for one's well-being, taking care of your needs are all forms of self-love, and though this concept comes across as a no-brainer, many of us struggle with it. Therefore, we are here to help you cultivate the of loving yourself.

While we are all trying to grasp the shapeshifting phantasm of perfection, it’s important to realise that perfection is a mirage; the closer we get to it, the further it gets. While self-criticism is rather easy, being self-compassionate is difficult, so here is our attempt to help you dial down the former and boost the latter.

The Art Of Loving Yourself 

We see self-love quotes screaming at us on social media every day! Buy how much does that translate into our daily activities? Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to build a strong, self-reliant bond with yourself. To embark on this relationship, you need not be put together, emotionally sane and spiritually perfected. The best part is that you can tread this route, no matter how big of an emotional wreck you are!

1. Learn To Enjoy Your Own Company 

Most of us are glued to our mobile screens in this digital era. We are distracted easily and have a deep sense of disconnect from everything. In such a scenario, it is very important to develop a connection with ourselves. The lockdown has taught us that we won't always find company during the most distressing times; therefore, being comfortable with your own company gives us time to reflect on our thoughts, learn more about ourselves, understand where we have gone wrong, and not repeat our mistakes. Going for long walks, sitting alone in a café with your favorite coffee and a book for company, being calm in your presence without the need for external entities will help in help get the ball rolling in your journey towards self-love.

2. Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes 

In our quest for perfection, we are often very hard on ourselves whenever we make mistakes. We are constantly changing and growing, and our experiences help us improve. As long as you treat your mistakes as a lesson and try not to make it again, you're sorted; cut yourself some slack!

3. Your Value Doesn't Lie In Appearance 

Social media is applauding, appreciating, and promoting impossible beauty standards. No wonder most of us find ourselves hidden behind filters when we take pictures or videos. We have stopped appreciating our real selves because we are so used to the skin and features perfecting filters. Learn to embrace your natural self, it's a difficult and time-consuming practice, but it sure is worth it!

4. Process Your Fears 

Never let fear get the better of you. Fear is your instinct to protect yourself from the unknown, so do not reject it; rather, process it! Processing, understanding, and overcoming your fears helps interrogate and evaluate your thought process to gain clarity. You will be able to unmask a variety of underlying issues, that in turn, will alleviate your fears. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help in this regard. After waking up in the morning, set up your room, add a few drops of your favourite essential oils in a diffuser, dim the lights and opt for a guided meditation. You will find a variety of guided meditations on the internet.

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5. Nourish Your Body And Mind 

Feeding your body with the right nutrients is absolutely crucial. You cannot keep binging on junk food and think it's all good. Your body is a sophisticated system of nature, but it needs the basics to function. Healthy food, solid, uninterrupted sleep, and adequate movement is what we all need to thrive.

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Self-Love Isn't Easy, But It Sure Is Worth It 

Love doesn't happen at first sight; it is about coming to terms with someone else's flaws and accepting them because they bring joy to you. The journey to loving yourself is somewhat similar. We are so conditioned with the idea of putting everyone else's needs first that we often overlook ourselves. While we may struggle to put ourselves before others, the effort is worth it because it brings about your true sense of self, packaged inside a tidy pink bow of mental peace.




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