Looking For Reasons To Colour Your Hair?

Looking For Reasons To Colour Your Hair?

How many times have you asked yourself, ‘Should I colour my hair?’ At least once in this lifetime. Hair colouring is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Women and men all over the world have coloured their hair teal green, pastel pinks, bright blues and more. While some hair colouring decisions are impulsive, some are well thought out over a year or two! There exist different types of hair colours, such as permanent hair colours, temporary hair colours and more in the hair colour market.

The idea of colouring hair is associated with adopting identities that people consciously or unconsciously desire to own. Every hair colour is tied to a stereotypical meaning. People wish to identify with these stereotypes. For instance, red hair colour gives you a fire-y, feisty look, blonde hair colour is seen as feminine and passionate, and a bold blue hair colour could mean you rise above the basic going for the unexplored. As the hair colours change, the identities change too. Isn’t it wonderful to transform just like that in an evening? Anyway, statistics suggest that the hair colour industry is showing little to no signs of shrinking. And why would it?

Here we introduce you to the reasons why we often wish to colour our hair, get soft balayage, brilliantly vibrant highlights, and subtle lowlights, ombre hair colours or global hair colours! Let’s dive into it, shall we?

1. The hair colour goes with your skin tone like bread goes with jam!

The hair colour goes with your skin tone like bread goes with jam

If a hair colour suits your skin really well, you should definitely go get it done. Because, why not? It is ideal to choose a hair colour that’s opposite to your skin tone. Cool skin undertones look the most appealing with cool hair colours. On the other side, if you’ve warm undertones, you should go for warm hair colours. Finding the right hair colour is like finding your favourite flavour of chips. You have a wide number of choices among temporary hair colours, permanent hair colours, semi-permanent hair colours, and demi-permanent hair colours! You’ll never know which one you’d end up liking without actually giving it a shot.

2. Because, who can resist a lovely lavender?

Lovely lavender

Come on now, are you telling us you haven’t been tempted to go for the lovely and irresistible lavender? It’s chic, classy and elite. Sporting such a colour so far from the safe natural hair colours, will make you feel like the queen b you’ve always been. So, here’s a tip. Whenever you come across someone wearing lavender money pieces, you never ask why. Because it’s evidently a gorgeous choice.

3. Bored of monotony, need a drastic change

Bored of monotony, need a drastic change

Life does get monotonous every once in a while. And who likes monotony? Not a fashion goddess. Break the monotony of everyday life with temporary colours, permanent hair colours and more varieties of colours brighter than life. Who wants to do brown hair colour, dark brown hair colour, light brown hair colour and chocolate brown hair or any colour closer to your natural hair colour in the 21st century? Splash the vibrance, and get rainbow hues, highlights, balayage and money pieces every other day. Keep altering your personality the moment you feel it isn’t fun anymore. Let’s keep chanting the words spoken by Kylie Jenner, “Being yourself is what life is all about” and keep charging ahead. There’s an uncountable range of hair colours for men and hair colours for women in the hair colour field.

4. It’s a Sunday morning & I’ve nothing to do

It’s a Sunday morning & I’ve nothing to do

Imagine stretching your legs in a comfortable recliner and watching shows all day without any interruptions. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect Sunday? But can you follow the same routine every Sunday 365 days of the year? No way, right? You might wake up on a Sunday morning with absolutely nothing to do. You tried everything! Watered the plants, washed clothes, cooked a meal, and called a friend and the day is still not over. You know Monday is lingering in the corner and you do not want to miss out on some Sunday fun. See, that’s your cue to get a hair colour. Choose your hair colour from an elaborate set of options, pick your style and go for it.

If you’re telling us, you have never ever thought of colouring your hair even for a hot second, you’re lying. These are just a few reasons we could think of from the hundred million reasons out there to colour your hair. Do yourself a favour and colour your hair a colour you never thought you could pull. Drop the jaws of all the haters out there with the best hair colour.




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