Natural Ingredients to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Natural Ingredients to Keep Your Hair Healthy (Infographic)

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Nature has many ingredients that are good for our hair and scalp. From moisturizing your hair, to promoting growth, to treating split ends and dandruff, you can do it all naturally, without the use of chemical and harsh products. Some of these natural ingredients include honey, olive oil, aloe vera and even eggs, all of which have considerable benefits for your hair.

Honey is good for hydrating hair, as well as treating dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp. Using aloe vera for hair can promote hair growth due to its vitamin and mineral content. Its deeply moisturizing properties also make it a good serum for dry ends and taming frizz. Olive oil is similar to the natural oils of your hair and scalp and is therefore a good replenishment for dry hair. The benefits of castor oil for hair come from its Vitamin E and fatty acid content, which nourish your scalp and hair, keeping your locks healthy. To learn about other natural ingredients benefitting your hair, see the infographic below.

Natural Ingredients to Keep Your Hair Healthy (Infographic)




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