Natural Remedies for Facial Hair Growth

Natural Remedies for Facial Hair Growth (Infographic)

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Did you know that your beard hair grows faster than the hair on your scalp? It does, which means that if you want to grow a beard, it does not have to be a slow and painful process. While the growth of facial hair is largely determined genetically, there are many environmental factors that also play a part. These can be manipulated by various natural ways to grow a beard, such as exfoliating your skin regularly, and using coconut oil, amla and aloe vera to stimulate hair growth.

By exfoliating your skin, dead cells are removed and there is room for hair follicles to grow. Coconut oil, amla oil and aloe vera all help to stimulate hair growth, and thus applying these to your face will help your beard grow. Coconut and aloe vera also have moisturizing properties, which will prevent your facial hair from becoming dry and brittle, and thus prevent beard hair fall.

To learn more about how to grow a beard naturally, see the infographic below.
Natural Remedies for Facial Hair Growth




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