Provitamin B5- An Elixir For Your Hair

Provitamin B5- An Elixir For Your Hair

Everyone wants to have shiny, thick and luscious hair, which will make others envy you. But everyone is disappointed when they see the amount of hair building upon the hairbrush that is increasing with each passing day. But instead of getting disappointed, one must understand that your hair is desperately in need of some extra nourishment and hydration. Its high time that you pamper your hair with vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for reducing hair fall. They will help in compensating the lost nourishment of your hair. Vitamin A, B5, C, D and H are some of the common vitamins which help to improve the texture and appearance of your hair, scalp. These help in retaining the healthy scalp and hair. Among these, Provitamin B5 is known to be vital in improving the quality and boosting the volume of your hair. Lets us find out how.

What Is Pro-Vitamin B5?

Panthenol is an alcoholic analogue of pantothenic acid which occurs naturally in your body and is also found in plants and veggies. It is derived from the Greek word ‘Panthos’ which means everywhere, and Panthenol is found in almost all the plants and veggies in small amounts. Panthenol, popularly known as Pro-Vitamin B5 is widely used in the best hair care and skin care products. In your body panthenol or Provitamin B5 gets quickly oxidized into pantothenic acid or vitamin B5.

Panthenol is a colourless, odourless, slightly bitter and highly viscous liquid at room temperature. Many skincare and haircare brands have Provitamin B5 infused in their formulations. It can easily penetrate deeper into the layers of scalp and skin, gets absorbed and is converted into vitamin B5 which is known to be hygroscopic in nature as it effectively binds with water molecules. It provides nourishment and moisturization to your hair and skin, making it soft and smooth. You may notice Provitamin B5 as the key ingredient in many of your beauty products. It also appears on the label under the name of

  • Butanamide
  • Alcoholic analogue of pantothenic acid
  • Dexpanthenol
  • D-pantothenyl alcohol

Hope you don’t get confused next time when you go through the list of ingredients on the label of your beauty and personal care products.

Role Of Provitamin B5 In Cosmetic Products 

Provitamin B5 or Panthenol is readily absorbed into the skin cells and is oxidized into pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5. Panthenol is hygroscopic in nature, as it readily binds with water molecules and helps retain moisture. Provitamin has the natural ability to hydrate, nourish, soothe, heal and regenerate the skin due to which is it used in many skincare creams, ointments, lotions and moisturizers. When formulation containing provitamin B5, is applied on the skin, it creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin preventing water loss. Provitamin B5 exhibits antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties due to which it is considered to be very effective in treating acne and pimples. It also plays a vital role in healing the damaged cells and tissues. It also aids in the regeneration of new tissues which show increased elasticity.

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Provitamin B5 acts as a powerful humectant and it helps to retain the moisture level of your scalp, hair and prevents water loss, thereby making your strands soft, smooth and more manageable. It also helps to condition the scalp and is very effective in treating dry and itchy scalp.

Thus, Provitamin B5 is used in almost all the cosmetic and personal care products because of its moisturizing, healing, protective and regenerative properties.

How Beneficial Is Provitamin B5 In Hair Care? 

Provitamin B5 is known to be the best hydrating vitamin for your scalp and hair. It is known to quench the thirst of your dry scalp as Provitamin B5 is able to penetrate deeper into the scalp. Let's have a look at some of the other beneficial properties of Provitamin B5.

  1. It attracts the water molecules and binds with it, thereby helps in retaining the moisture level of the scalp. It spreads easily on the surface of the strands and forms a thin film on the cuticle. This film is reflective in nature, thereby making your hair look smooth and shiny.
  2. It also helps in detangling your hair by creating a slip in between your strands.
  3. The anti-inflammatory property of panthenol is known to be effective in treating itchy and flaky scalp.
  4. It acts as an emollient which helps to make your dry and frizzy hair more manageable. It creates a thin film on the surface of your hair, thus preventing the loss of water through evaporation.
  5. It glides on your hair and in spite of its moisturizing properties, Provitamin B5 does not weigh down your hair or make it appear greasy.
  6. As a powerful humectant, Panthenol attracts water molecules, thus improves the water content of your hair and increases the elasticity of your hair.
  7. It is known to swell the hair shaft and helps in adding volume to your hair. It makes the hair look fuller, softer.
  8. It helps to improve your scalp health, by keeping it moisturized, thereby preventing dandruff and other scalp issues.
  9. It binds with each strand of your hair adding structure to your hair and increases its resilience power and its strength, thereby making your hair less prone to breakage.
  10. It helps to repair the damage caused due to environmental aggressors to the hair. These aggressors include overexposure to the sun or excessive use of styling tools and hair care products.
  11. It helps to stimulate the growth of hair by supporting and protecting the adrenal glands.

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Due to these incredible properties of Provitamin B5, it is commonly used in shampoos, conditioners, leave-on serums. These hair care products which have Provitamin B5 infused in it, make your hair soft and shiny and increase the volume of the hair. This makes your hair look more bouncy. Provitamin B5 helps to maintain a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

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    Uses Of Provitamin B5

    Provitamin B5 which is a viscous transparent liquid at room temperature is known to be packed with infinite beneficial properties due to which it is extensively used in cosmetics products, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Vitamin B5 is a powerful humectant, due to which it exhibits moisturizing property, hence used in major skincare and haircare products. Panthenol exhibits moisturizing, healing and protective properties which have proved to be very effective in treating major skin and hair care issues.

    • In skincare products, Provitamin B5 is used in body lotions, creams, moisturizers, foundations, lipsticks and mascaras as it helps to make your skin soft and smooth. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, it is used in the majority of acne and pimple controlling creams.
    • Provitamin B5 is extensively used in hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and hair serums as it moisturizers your strands and helps to seal the moisture in your strands. It forms a thin reflective coating on the surface of your hair, making the hair look shiny and vibrant.
    • In pharmaceuticals, provitamin B5 is used in skin ointments for treating sunburns, minor cuts, wounds, skin disorders due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It helps to regenerate new skin cells, increases the elasticity of new cells, thereby helps in treating skin ailments effectively. It is also found in nasal sprays, eye drops, lozenges and cleaning solutions of contact lens.

    Thus, this transparent viscous liquid is packed with incredible properties and has numerous benefits and uses to us in our daily life.

    Side Effects Of Provitamin B5 

    Generally, Panthenol or Provitamin B5 is considered safe for your skin. There are no possible known side effects of Provitamin B5 when used in shampoos, conditioners. It is known to be safe for topical use and is well-tolerated by most of the people. It is always good to do a patch test and check for any allergic reactions if you are using skincare or hair care products which have Provitamin B5 incorporated in them. Panthenol present in cosmetics and personal care products should not cause any harm when absorbed into your body as it is present in a larger amount in the food we intake. Panthenol is considered to be safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, it is always better to consult a doctor before using panthenol. It is considered to be mild and safe for topical use even for children. Side effects due to topical application are very rare but in some cases, they do occur in the form of contact dermatitis or gastrointestinal distress. If you experience any of these symptoms, discontinue its use and seek medical attention for it.

    Take Away 

    Provitamin B5 or Panthenol is widely used in cosmetic, personal care products and pharmaceuticals due to its moisturizing, protecting and healing properties. It is generally considered to be safe for topical use when used in moderation. Generally, Panthenol is used in the concentration of 5% or below in cosmetics and personal care products hat quantity is what is considered to be safe.




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