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Reasons for Hair Loss

The main causes of hair loss in men and women can be categorized in two ways: genetic or reactive. Genetic causes of hair loss result in an overall thinning of hair and cannot be fixed. Reactive hair loss is the increased shedding of hair due to various factors that can be fixed. Reactive reasons for hair loss include nutritional deficiency, hormonal changes, stress or illness.

Nutrients are vital for hair growth, and if you have a deficiency in iron, protein or other vitamins and minerals, this will immediately affect your hair. It is therefore important to ensure that you are consuming a balanced diet to maintain a healthy head of hair. Stress and illness are other reasons for hair loss, particularly any illness of the digestive system. These can directly affect the hair follicle, or they can cause dandruff or excess oil production in the scalp, which can then cause hair damage and loss. For more information on causes of hair loss, see the infographic below.

Reasons for Hair Loss

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