Secret Santa: Pick The Best Gift For Your Elf This Christmas!

Secret Santa: Pick The Best Gift For Your Elf This Christmas!

Play Secret Santa with your family, college friends or workmates, you can’t deny the fact that finding the perfect gift is a challenge. The pressure gets intense when you do not know anything about your secret child. The worst part is that you cannot discuss gift ideas with others involved in the game.

Today, people are willing to invest money and time to look and feel beautiful. Both men and women are in the lookout for personal grooming products to enhance their beauty and feel good about themselves. So, gifting your special child with beauty products is a great idea! You can also go for coffee mugs, scented candles, hair care kits or maybe even an animal onesie, because why not! Any thoughtful gift that brings a smile on your special friend’s face is the perfect choice.

Here’s a list of our favorite gifting ideas for this Christmas. Whether you're shopping for yourself (in case you’re your own santa!) or someone else, we've got you covered! Here are some universally adored gifts that are guaranteed to add an extra zing to your holiday fun.

9 Gifts For Your Elf In Christmas 2022

Who doesn’t like good gifts? Whoever plays secret santa knows that they’re secretly hoping and praying to get a gift they’d adore. Check out this list for some cool gift options which are sure to make your elf jump with joy!

1. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles symbolize love, celebration, serenity, and tranquility. Your friend will get a chance to lighten up the space with fragrance, new energy and freshness. If your secret friend is super into home decor, it’d definitely add a nice touch to their house’s ambience.

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2. Coffee Warmer

Coffee Warmer

A coffee warmer is a perfect gift if your elf is a coffee lover. Their coffee will stay warm all day while they get their chores done. The smart coffee warmer is an ideal gift for colleagues or anyone who spends considerable time at their desk.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

In aromatherapy, essential oils are utilized because of their enchanting fragrance, which helps to uplift mood, stay fresh and energized. The aroma of essential oils improves concentration, enhances focus and clarity. Along with the diffuser, you can add on a set of essential oils such as lavender oil, orange oil, etc to your gift. Anveya's Aroma Essential Oils Gift Set will make a perfect combo with the essential oil diffuser.

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4. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Send them a gift of relaxation by giving them an exotic set of bath bombs. Surviving an entire year should earn one a relaxing bath, right? Bath bombs infused with the enchanting fragrance of essential oils and nourishing ingredients make bubble bath experiences indulgent and luxurious.

5. Hair Care Kit

Hair Care Kit

Who doesn't want to flaunt healthy, vibrant hair? But our hair health goes for a toss thanks to hectic schedules and unhealthy lifestyles. Giving your elf a hair serum that caters to their hair care needs can be a wonderful idea. Anveya's Hair Bae hair serum is the best haircare product for maintaining the health of your hair. You can get Anveya's Curl Hair Care Comb, if your elf is a curly head! The combo has shampoo, conditioner, and hair mist for structured and well-defined curls. Anveya’s Curly hair products are specially formulated to meet the specific hair care needs of all the Indian curlies.

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Hair Bae Hair Serum


• Deeply Hydrates
• Reduces Hair Breakage
• Strengthens Cuticles & Increases Resistance
• Reduces Frizz By 11%

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6. Temporary Hair Colours

Temporary Hair Colours

If your elf is a party freak or an impulsive person who makes impromptu fashion choices, then temporary hair colours will make the perfect gift. Temporary hair colours are safe on your hair and gives you an opportunity to play with colours without any bleach or damage drama. The sparkling, vibrant colours will add a touch of colour to the holiday festivities, too!


Temporary hair colors


• Temporary, commitment - free. Wash off with your next wash.
• Unlimited looks for any mood.
• 2 -minutes DIY color application.
• No bleach, no dye, no damage.

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7. Initial Rings and Bracelet

Initial Rings and Bracelet

If you are not much aware of the likes and dislikes of your elf, then here’s another idea! This gift only requires you to know your elf's name properly. Get cute customized rings or bracelets with their initials engraved on it. Jewelry is never a bad idea when it comes to gifts. It will make your elf feel super special!

8. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Celebration and karaoke nights go hand in hand. Especially when friends get together, isn’t it fun to have a karaoke night with a drink in hand? A Bluetooth microphone is the best gift for people who love to host parties at their places or bring out the inner rockstar in them every once in a while. If nothing, your elf will get to make most of the holidays with good music.

9. E-Gift Vouchers

E-Gift Vouchers

When you are confused about what to buy for your elf, e-gift vouchers can be a game changer. If you are not aware of the likes and dislikes of the other person, but you want to give a valuable gift to your elf, then an e-gift voucher is an option to consider. You can give them e- vouchers and ask them to get whatever they wish. We’re sure your elf would appreciate the thought! It can be a win-win situation for you as you don't have to think about what to give, and they will get what they want.

Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to show some love to the people around you! Gifts are one of the best ways of showing appreciation and love. Remember, gifts are all about the thought and effort you put into getting it. You don’t have to stress about getting the perfect gift. Afterall, holidays are all about having fun, right? Pick a gift you feel would make holidays a little more special for your elf!




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