Semi- Permanent Hair Colour VS Temporary Hair Colour

Semi- Permanent Hair Colour VS Temporary Hair Colour

Who’s the winner? Or is there a winner?

Believe us, when it comes to colouring your hair, picking the right type of hair colour is the biggest challenge you’ll face. Be it temporary hair colours, permanent hair colours, or semi-permanent hair colours, anybody who has coloured their hair before and suffered the hair god’s wrath pretty seriously, knows that hair colour choices are not to be taken lightly. Be it hair colours for men or hair colours for women, making the right choice gets a little tricky.

The world of hair colours caters to your varying interests and desires. Be it commitment-free experiments of temporary hair colours with a fun purple hair colour, bold red hair colour, heavenly blue hair colour, classy blonde hair colour or long-term hair colouring sticking to safe browns (brown hair colour, light brown hair colour, dark brown hair colour or maybe a commonly seen burgundy hair colour.), there’s something for haireveryone! One thing to always keep in your mind is that the hair colour type you go for should be aligned with your hair goals. What’re you expecting from your best hair colour is the real question.

There’s no winner here.

With the different range of hair colour types – Permanent hair colour, Semi-permanent hair colour, Demi-permanent hair colour, temporary hair colour, (among the categories of hair colours for men and hair colours for women) we understand that for someone new, it’s a bit confusing to say which one’s which. People often confuse semi-permanent and temporary hair colours probably because both are free from ammonia and long-term commitment. However, there’re some major differences between the two! So, hair we are to set the record straight and explore the differences between temporary hair colours and semi-permanent hair colours, once and for all.

Does it alter the original hair colour?

original hair colour

Yes, Semi-permanent hair colours alter the original colour of your hair. The hair colour molecules are tiny enough to penetrate the roots of the hair and alter the natural colour.

On the other hand, temporary hair colour doesn’t alter your actual hair colour, nor does it lighten or darken previously coloured hair. Instant hair colour settles down only on the outermost layer of your hair. The bigger size of the pigments of this hair colour makes it difficult to penetrate into the hair shaft at all.

How long does the colour last?

How long does the colour last

While instant hair colours last a day or two, depending on when you shampoo your hair after applying the colour, semi-permanent hair colours work a little differently. They tend to last for about 3 weeks, i.e., about 12 shampoo sessions to fade entirely.

If the freedom of getting to choose between global hair colour, highlights, balayage, and more extremely distinct styles from your natural hair colour, every day of life thrills you, instant hair colours are for you! You’d want to consider the latter if what you’re looking for is fun that lasts a little longer than just one night.

What about damage?

beautifully delicate locks

Instant hair colour doesn’t cause any damage to your beautifully delicate locks. They cover the outer layer of your hair and wave goodbye the moment you wash it off with shampoo. However, semi-permanent hair colour penetrates into the roots and lasts longer. If you continue to subject your hair to the colour frequently, it does cause damage over time.

Does it cover grey hair?

Does it cover grey hair

Semi-permanent hair colour will not cover your grey hair. If that is your intent, we’d suggest you go for instant hair colour, because they brilliantly do. The former changes the tone of your hair for a little longer than a day, leaving greys to remain as usual. But temporary hair colour covers greys each time you apply them to your tresses.

Ideally, semi-permanent hair colours should be used to refresh previously coloured and faded hair. They’re also useful to bring back life into hair colours which go off tone after a point. They’re also available in the hair colour market in a clear shade, which incredibly adds a shine to restore dull and lifeless hair. Instant hair colours are for the ever-young colour maniac in you, who runs off to parties and night-outs impulsively.

Oh, and yes, if you’re struggling to choose a hair colour, check out Your search for a hair colour that will best suit your skin tone ends here! to make decisions you won’t regret!




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