Temporary VS Permanent Hair Colours:  What’s A Better Choice?

Temporary VS Permanent Hair Colours: What’s A Better Choice?

Is It Safe To Use Temporary Hair Colours When I’m Expecting? Reading Temporary VS Permanent Hair Colours: What’s A Better Choice? 6 minutes Next Bleach Your Hair At Home With Ease!

Are you thinking of getting soft balayages, highlights or lowlights? You know the hair colour you’re going to go for, however, can’t pick decide which one is a better option- temporary hair colours or permanent hair colours? That’ understandable. Most of the people walking into the world of colours, have most probably been there.

In this blog, we’re addressing your dilemma. Make a choice between temporary hair colours and permanent hair colours based on their pros and cons. By the end of this, you’ll be confident enough to pick a colour from the wide ranging categories of hair colours for men and hair colours of women.

Temporary Hair Colours

Temporary Hair Colours

First, let’s talk about temporary hair colours. Temporary hair dyes are those dyes that do not contain alkaline chemicals like ammonia and peroxide and can be taken off easily in one single shampoo wash.
They only cover the outer shaft of your hair and therefore, do not cause damage to your hair.

Advantages of Temporary Hair Colours

  1. Safe to use. Temporary hair dyes are safe to use as these do not contain ammonia and peroxide and do not penetrate the hair shaft. These protect the hair from being frizzy and damaged.
  2. No regrets! If you don’t like your hair after applying the colour, you do not have to worry because these can wash off easily. You can go for a crazy blue hair colour, bold red hair colour, peppy purple hair colour or a classy blonde hair colour just for one evening.
  3. Good for experimenting. If you are unsure about the colour that would suit you, temporary hair dyes are your best option! These can be washed off easily without much trouble so even if you don’t like the shade.
  4. Less effort. Temporary hair dyes come in wide ranges, starting from hairspray to hair chalks and colouring conditioners! So, if your time and schedule do not allow you for frequent touch-ups, you can simply go forward and use these easy-to-use hair dyes as these require minimum effort.
  5. Economical. Since temporary hair dyes require minimal maintenance, these save on your touch-up costs and hence are more economical!

Disadvantages of Temporary Hair Colours

  1. Not for a long-term commitment. If you’re looking for hair colours that will stay on your hair for a long time, then these might not be the best choice for you as these can be washed off pretty easily.
  2. It fades. Temporary hair dyes fade pretty easily and require retouches now and then.
  3. Reapplication might damage your hair. Since the colour needs to be frequently applied, if you do not follow a healthy hair routine, you might end up damaging your hair.
  4. Not good for grey hair coverage. If you only wish to cover a few grey strands, then these work finely. However, if you want full coverage for your grey hair, then these might not be the best option for you.
  5. Might not work on dark hair. Not every temporary hair colour works well on rich black hair.

Permanent Hair Colours

Permanent Hair Colours

Permanent hair colours contain ammonia and peroxide which penetrate the outer shaft of your hair to go deeper into your roots and alter the natural hair colour. Permanent hair colour lasts longer, results in severe damage and requires proper maintenance post colouring. If you do not use products which are suitable for coloured hair, you’ll loose even the best hair colour gradually, little by little every day.

Advantages of Permanent Hair Dyes

  1. Works finely for people with tight schedules. If you have a tight schedule and do not have enough time to go for frequent touch-ups, then permanent hair dyes are the perfect option for you.
  2. Provide full coverage of grey hair. Permanent hair dyes provide full coverage of grey hair as these penetrate the hair shaft and go deep into the hair roots.
  3. Stays for a long time. If you’re looking for hair colours that can stay in your hair for a long time, these should be your go-to!
  4. No need to skip shampoo sessions. Unlike temporary hair dyes, permanent hair dyes do not wash off in shampoo washes, and therefore, you do not need to skip shampooing for fear of losing your hair colour!

Disadvantages of Permanent Hair Dyes

  1. More damage. These usually tend to damage your hair more and lead to weak and prone-to-breakage hair.
  2. Cannot be washed off easily. So, if you do not like your hair after colouring it with permanent hair colours, it cannot be undone!
  3. Stronger chemicals. The chemicals used in permanent hair dyes are stronger and therefore lead to rough and frizzy hair.
  4. It may cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin and scalp, these are not the colours for you as these may cause allergic reactions to your scalp, which can range from mild to severe.
  5. More time-consuming. These require to be left on your hair for more time as compared to temporary hair dyes.

Now you know all about the pros and cons of the widely used hair colours. The next time you’re thinking of colouring your hair, make an adventurous choice confidently!




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