This Biotech Marvel Is A Superb Ingredient That Promises Hair Regrowth, Let’s Research the Science Behind It (Redensyl)

This Biotech Marvel Is A Superb Ingredient That Promises Hair Regrowth, Let’s Research the Science Behind It

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Counting the number of hair you are losing? Have clumps of hair on your hairbrush started bothering you? Has that receding hairline led to male pattern baldness? We know you are alarmed and, we can relate! Hair fall is a major concern these days, and most of us are affected by it. Needless to mention that working for hours in front of the computer followed by long Netflix and chill sessions are just aggravators. Add to that environmental aggressors, excessive use of styling products, heating tools, unhealthy lifestyles, genetics, and you have the perfect script of a hair horror story.

Hair loss, baldness, and receding hairline is the most common hair concern which people face. It generally happens when the balance between hair loss and hair growth is disturbed. This issue needs to be treated at an early stage. Otherwise, it can lead to serious hair fall issues such as baldness and alopecia.

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Before we start, let’s face the hard-hitting facts because we aren’t going to sugarcoat it for you. You cannot reverse hair loss due to genetics. Unfortunately, science doesn’t have the solution to it yet, but we are hopeful. The good news is that there is a new ingredient on the block, which can multitask so brilliantly; it almost always helps reduce other forms of hair loss so that you don’t have to go through invasive procedures such as hair transplants.

Redensyl serum is a better alternative to a hair transplant. There are seven plant compounds in Redensyl serum that promote hair growth. Considered to be the best ingredient for hair growth globally, it promises hair regrowth and is supported by research to prove its efficacy.

Most people still believe that minoxidil is the best ingredient for hair growth. In contrast, it has been established that Redensyl is certainly a better alternative with lesser to no side effects. The purpose of this article is to help you gain a clear understanding of what Redensyl is, how does it work, and how to use it effectively.

What Is Redensyl? 

Redensyl is a plant derivative that is inspired by regenerative medicine. This revolutionary hair growth ingredient not only fights hair loss and promotes hair growth but also improves the density and thickness of hair. Redensyl is the only hair growth ingredient that works at the cellular level, stimulating the human stem cells.

This biotech-backed component contains the newly detected molecule dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), which is a plant-based derivative and hence is entirely natural with no side effects. Hair loss occurs when the stem cells of the hair follicles become dormant. This compound stimulates the stem cells and promotes hair growth.

Therefore Redensyl is considered to be a better, less-invasive alternative to hair transplant, medication, or surgery. You can do some research online, read Redensyl reviews, and see the before-and-after effect of Redensyl on social media platforms to ensure the effectiveness of this best-known hair growth ingredient.

Active Ingredients In Redensyl 

Redensyl is a synergistic blend of 7 plant components that stimulate hair follicle stem cells, which targets hair loss and effectively promotes hair growth. 

  1. DHQG (Dihydroquercetin-glucoside) : targets the stem cells of hair follicles and induces cell division in them.
  2. EGCG 2 (Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside): A biotech derivative of green tea that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties to keep the scalp healthy by fighting free radicals.
  3. Glycine: A key amino acid of hair that makes up hair protein and is associated with keratin.
  4. Zinc: Add strength to the hair shaft, preventing hair breakage.
  5. Meta-bisulfite: A hair-strengthening agent.
  6. Glycerin: An excellent hydrating ingredient that locks the moisture in the hair shaft.
  7. Water: Distilled water acts as a solvent in the product formula.
  8. As all the ingredients are natural, hence can be safely used with zero side effects.

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How Does Redensyl Work? 

Redensyl has a vital role in the hair growth cycle. Due to ageing or various other reason, the anagen phase (i.e., the growth phase) decreases, resulting in thin hair due to hair loss and hair breakage. Then the hair follicles enter the catagen phase, the transition phase of the telogen phase (i.e., the resting phase).
Redensyl prolongs the anagen phase (growth period), thus promoting hair growth. It shortens the telogen phase showing a considerable reduction in hair loss. It acts as an energy resource for hair cells and protects them from sun damage and pollution, thereby repairing them. The active ingredient in Redensyl is also known to reactivate the dormant stem cells and proliferation, promoting hair growth. Redensyl strengthens the hair shaft and accelerates hair growth, decreasing the overall rate of hair fall, which helps increase the volume and density of hair.

Haircare Benefits Of Redensyl 

In addition to preventing hair loss, Renensyl also enhances hair growth by restoring strength and volume to the hair. This is the reason why Redensyl is being extensively used in various hair care products. For a better understanding, let’s dig deeper into the haircare benefits of Redensyl.

  1. It is a plant derivative, hence a natural ingredient.
  2. It targets the stem cells, promoting hair growth at the cellular level.
  3. It has been formulated from the rational analysis of stem cell function in hair follicles.
  4. It promotes the fast and sustainable production of new healthy hair.
  5. It can effectively be used for spot treatment on the scalp.
  6. It makes your hair soft, smooth, and shiny.
  7. It promotes natural hair growth and decreases hair loss efficiently.
  8. It is beneficial in promoting the growth of beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes.

How To Use Redensyl For Hair 

Redensyl is known to prolong the anagen phase, reducing the telogen phase, effectively combatting hair loss, and promoting healthy hair growth. Now that you are aware of the haircare benefits of Redensyl, you may want to introduce it in your haircare regime. Let’s find out how to use Redensyl to combat all your hair issues effectively.

  • If you use Redensyl oil, you should use it before you go to bed at night. Apply all over the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash off with a mild shampoo in the morning.
  • The Redensyl Hair Regrowth Serum should be applied after washing your hair.
  • Redensyl beard oils can be applied to your beard and left on overnight.

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Hopefully, now you have a better idea of Redensyl and why it has become so popular. If you are facing a severe hair fall issue, then Redensly is a good choice for you. Still confused, you can go through the popular Redensyl reviews and the before and after effect of Redensyl on various social media handles.

Consider giving Rendensyl a try if you want a permanent solution to your hair fall problem.




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