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You Can’t Miss These Blue Black Hair Color Trends In 2023!

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The future is yet to come by and technically isn’t something we can forget yet… And who would ever forget the stunning you that you’ll be when you hop on this hair color trend. So…. drum roll please, we’ll now be discussing this futuristic and bold hair style and also some colored hair ideas to sail your way to the future.

But before we go Back to The Future with this amazing hair color trend let’s discuss some aspects of the blue black hair color.

1. Vibrant Blue Undertone

Vibrant Blue Undertone

Source : Pinterest

The blue black hair color enhances your vibrance by a huge number of points. The futury-looking hair color also adds a lot of dimension and layering to your hair making you look even more mysterious than before. Looks like Sherlock Holmes, won’t be solving the mystery behind getting beautiful hair such as yours anytime soon. But we are here to help with our semi-permanent hair colors. Go and get them soon!

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2. Dark and Rich Base

Dark and Rich Base

Source : Pinterest

Back in Black? Add blue to the mix as well! Black hair provides a wonderful backdrop for blue to go along with. Try going for blue highlights on black hair and you’ll arrive at a fabulously edgy look thanks to the sharp contrast in color that blue brings along.

3. Versatility

Latest Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

I’m the bad guuuyy! And naturally when the party’s over, Billie Eilish displays her versatility with using hair colors by pulling off this amazing look. And it’s not just Billie Eilish, blue and black is just a versatile combo on its own that can shine using multiple different techniques, on different skin tones or even using hair extensions. All it needs is your touch :)

Blue black hair really is a style you just don’t wanna back out from once you’ve applied it. And now we move on to talk about some of blue black hair’s latest hair color trends.

Blue Black Hair Color Trends you just can’t get over!

1. Two-Tone Blue-Black

Two-Tone Blue-Black

Source : Pinterest

Why have two hair colors when you can also add another one to the mix? This hair color trend involves adding another color to the blue black hair mix such as platinum, silver or even another lighter shade of blue in order to create a contrast thus creating a striking and eye-catching two-tone look that adds dimension to your hair to help you slay as always.

2. Denim Black and Blue

Denim Black and Blue

Source : Pinterest

A softer and more muted version of this hair color trend, it screams gorgeous as it mimics the color of the og denim fabric. This hair color trend also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your hair.

3. Midnight Black and Blue

Midnight Black and Blue

Source : Pinterest

A deep, rich blue-black hair color that gives you the color of a moonlit night sky, it’s time for you to glow up someone else’s night with this stunning and intense shade of blue-black that creates a lovely and mesmerizing look for everyone!

4. Half Black Half Blue Long Shag

Half Black Half Blue Long Shag

Source : Pinterest

We’ve been adding blue to the mix, how about we keep them entirely separate this time? A very unique and dynamic color change, this hair will pull everyone’s eyes towards you so be ready. You can also play with the partition in your hair for many different looks and all because of the color placement it will always end up giving you a great look.

5. Rich Blue and Black Hue

Rich Blue and Black Hue

Source : Pinterest

The rich blue and black hue hair color trend is a very bold, striking and artful trend that mixes vibrant blue tones with a deep black base. This allows you to create a visual marvel due to the contrast it creates which can also be customized to suit individual style and preference. The vivid multi-dimensional look this style brings along is aesthetically pleasing and brings out a rich side of you.

So that brings us to the end of this blog. Hope you had a fun time reading and hope you have an even more fun time experimenting with the hair color ideas we recommended. Be sure to check out our semi-permanent hair colors for a more fun and safe experience at the same time for your hair coloring journey.




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