Your Search For A Hair Colour That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone Ends Here!

Your Search For A Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone Ends Here!

What Are The Ideal Hair Colors For Short Hair? Reading Your Search For A Hair Color That Will Best Suit Your Skin Tone Ends Here! 6 minutes Next 12 Senseless Hair Color Myths Busted For You!

Before you jump in, pick a dramatic hair color and get highlights, lowlights, balayage or the trending money pieces, we wish to save you from the shock and tell you a little something about the relationship of your skin tone to your hair color. Understanding your skin tone is extremely important before picking a color for your hair, be it temporary hair colors or permanent hair colors! If the color you pick doesn’t compliment your skin tone at all, it might just end up looking totally blah. You wouldn’t want that, right? We will not let a hair color make you look less than drop-dead gorgeous, we’re spilling the secret of determining your skin undertone and identifying colors that bring you confidence while respecting your complexion!

What are ‘undertones’?

Besides the tone of your skin, there’s a tone beneath your skin’s surface, which is referred to as an undertone. It is subtle and permanent. No amount of tanning will change your undertone. Undertones fall into three categories, cool, warm and neutral. Be it your outfit, makeup, jewellery or hair color, your undertone plays a vital role in picking the right color tones that go with your complexion. If you have a cool skin undertone, your skin tends to have a slight blue, pink or red tinge to it. Warm undertones are usually peachy, yellow or golden and neutral skin undertones maintain a balance between the colors blue and yellow.

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How to find out your skin undertone?

skin undertone

Now that you understood the concept of skin tones and skin undertones in detail, how about we help you find out your skin undertone? Finding out your undertone isn’t a difficult task, but certainly a crucial one to pick hair color for men and hair color for women.

Just flip your wrist and check the color of your veins. We’d advise you to check this under natural light. If your veins appear blue or purple your skin has cool undertones. Green-colored veins indicate warm undertones. Are you not able to understand the color? Do they match your skin color? In that case, you have a neutral skin undertone.

Another way of finding out your skin undertone is observing how your skin behaves under direct sunlight. If your skin turns all red under bright sunlight, you have a cool undertone. But if you belong to the category of those people who can quite easily and rarely get sunburns, you have warm or neutral undertones.

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Which hair color should you pick for your undertone?

hair colour should you pick for your undertone

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See, the trick is to go for a color that’s contrasting to your undertone. It could be temporary hair color or permanent hair color, but your hair color shouldn’t match your skin undertone perfectly. If it does, you’d look washed out as your features would disappear.

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If your skin is super fair with cool undertones, you should go for darker shades such as a warm cosy red hair color, golden blonde hair color or brunette. Darker shades help you balance out the delicate pink undertone of your skin. A rich black, brown with reddish tints, shimmery gold or any other warm temporary hair color would elegantly complement cooler undertones.

Friends with warm undertones, you should pick cool colors falling under permanent hair colors or temporary hair colors. The sunniness of your skin will look flattering when it’s paired with a platinum, golden copper or strawberry blonde. Don’t take our word for it! Take a look at Kim K. 

Kim K

Source : @KimKardashian

If you’re fortunate enough to have a neutral skin undertone, most of the colors will look awesome on you. Be it a badass blue hair color, graceful burgundy hair color, peppy purple hair color, classy grey hair color, global hair color or even an ombre hair color, you’ll pull them off effortlessly.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to looking good and feeling good. Play around with a long lasting permanent hair color or a one day, commitment free temporary hair color. Fashion is of no use if it doesn’t make you feel like the main character of your life. You’ve got just one life and there’s a hell of a lot of colors out there! Do the math. Begin your hair color adventures with the best hair color of your choice, go crazy, and get every color of the rainbow now that you know all about skin undertones and their relation to your natural hair color. Your next transformation impatiently awaits you!




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