Lemongrass Essential Oil, 100% Natural & Pure, 15ml

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Known for its refreshing and stress-relieving citrus fragrance, and for its antiseptic properties. Our top pick as a home fragrance, and as a natural insect repellant. Lemongrass oil has lemon-like scent with hint of fresh earthy smell. It is pale yellow in colour.

  1. Use for Skin Cleansing & Toning
  2. Contains antifungal properties that help relieve scalp infection and dandruff
  3. Natural Insect and Mosquito Repellent
  4. Stressbusting Aromatherapy: one of the most refreshing fragrances
  5. 100% Natural, Pure & Premium Therapeutic Grade
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Ingredient: 100% Natural Lemongrass.

Anveya Lemongrass Essential Oil is 100% Natural and is directly sourced from fields of India. It is extracted using steam distillation method and has a lemon-like scent with a hint of fresh earth smell that is sweeter and milder than that of lemons and has numerous uses and benefits in wellness. It is pale yellow in colour.

Benefits Of Anveya Lemongrass Essential Oil

anveya lemongrass oil for face cleaning

It has antiseptic properties. A massage using lemongrass oil in a carrier oil cleanses the pores, remove the toxins and dirt from the skin.

HOW TO USE: Mix 2 drops of lemongrass oil in 5ml of coconut oil to cleanse the skin.

anveya lemongrass oil for hair care

Lemongrass Essential Oil contains anti-fungal properties that help treat any scalp infection and help reduce dandruff.

HOW TO USE: Add 3-5 drops lemongrass oil to 5 tsp of sesame/coconut oil. Gently massage and leave it for 1-2 hours before washing for dandruff relief.

anveya lemongrass oil as insect repellent

Lemongrass Essential Oil has a fresh lemony and earth like aroma and is known to repel insects and mosquitoes naturally.

HOW TO USE: Mix 10-20 drops into water in a spray bottle for spraying at home.

anveya lemongrass oil for house cleaning

It can be used as an air freshener. Its citrus aroma helps create a refreshing atmosphere at home.

HOW TO USE: Mix 10-20 drops into water in a spray bottle for spraying at home. Works as a great fragrance for home cleaning too.

anveya lemongrass oil for aromatherapy

One of the best loved fragrances for its aroma, lemongrass oil is used popularly in aromatherapy and as a home fragrance.

HOW TO USE: Diffuse at home throughout the day. Add 5-10 drops per 200ml water in a diffuser for refreshing mood.

anveya lemongrass oil purity

NOTE: Essential oils are highly concentrated and hence need to be diluted before use and need to be handled with caution. Refer to Anveya’s Essential Oil Dilution Guide or consult a reputed essential oil resource.

Easy Ways To Use Anveya Lemongrass Essential Oil

anveya lemongrass oil with carrier oils

Mix a few drops of lemongrass oil into your favourite oil for skin.

anveya lemongrass oil for hair and scalp

Mix a few drops of lemongrass oil into a carrier oil and apply on scalp.

anveya lemongrass oil for massage therapy

One of the most refreshing aromas when used in diffuser or home spray.

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