Cosmetologist with 17+yrs exp.
Founder, Frangipani Ayurveda

• Founder of Frangipani Ayurveda - Natural and Organic Essential Oils.
•  Cosmetologist with 17+ years experience
•  Expertise in sourcing, identifying & designing a wide range of dermatological & cosmeceutical formulations. 
🏆 Prolific knowledge on natural/eco-friendly formulations.    
🏆 cosmetics formulations, application of Ayurveda ingredients into cosmetics formulations and the effect of toxic ingredients in cosmetics 

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Knowledge on Traditional Indian Medicine (TIM) is my core strength. Back to nature is my theme. Dr. Swarupa strongly believes that the answers to all the problems lies in nature . only thing is that we need to know how to explore the possibilities from the lap of the mother nature. Prolific knowledge on natural/eco-friendly formulations in accordance with BDIH, Eco-Cert & Vegan guidelines.

"Being a naturalist, passionately work for the betterment and preservation of animals & environment."