12 Rules of Healthy Sleep (Infographic)

Getting a restful night’s sleep is important for your energy levels, and your overall health. With regard to your physical health, sleep helps to repair tissue, synthesize hormones and grow muscle. Sleep is also important for your mental health, as it eliminates toxins from the brain and improves memory. Sleep deficiency is linked to a weakened immune system and mental disorders. It is therefore important to ensure that you are getting around 8 hours of healthy sleep on a regular basis. Many people suffer from sleep issues, ranging from medical conditions to bad sleeping habits. There are many sleeping tips you can try however, to get your required dose of zzzs. Most importantly, avoid heavy food, caffeine and screen time before sleeping. Adopt healthy food habits for sleep. Ensure that your bed is comfortable, and your room is quiet and dark. Your room should also maintain a comfortable temperature. Sleeping and waking at the same time on a daily basis and establishing a bedtime ritual is also good for healthy sleep.Certain essential oils are known for their calming effect and promoting good sleep. Read more about how to use essential oils for sleep. Essential oils are used for a variety of beauty, health and wellness benefits. Aromatherapy essential oils use the power of their aroma to bring a positive effect on the body and mind.

Rules of Healthy Sleep (Infographic)

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