5 Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety (Infographic)

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Stress and anxiety are common disorders that affect many people. They are thought to be related to the brain, which is why stress-reducing foods include various brain-boosting properties. Vitamin B and folic acid, in particular, are known to improve mood as they keep brain cells healthy. Magnesium is also helpful in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to repair damaged cells when we are stressed. Omega 3 fatty acids are another nutrient good for the brain. Foods that reduce stress and anxiety are thus those that include these nutrients. Leafy vegetables, for instance, contain magnesium, such as spinach, while asparagus and avocados are rich in Vitamin B. Blueberries and other citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C content. Fatty fish and nuts are good sources of Omega 3 fats. Green tea also has calming properties. For more foods that reduce stress and anxiety, see the infographic below.Also read: Migraines usually tend to have a negative impact on the person's quality of life for a long period of time. Explore what causes it, and how to get rid of migraines using home remedies. Essential oils which are extracts of natural plant materials are used for Aromatherapy by harnessing their aroma's power to improve well being.

5 Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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