Heat-Damaged Hair

13 Best Tips To Revive Your Heat-Damaged Hair!

Whenever you step out in the sun, you slather your skin with sunscreen to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. But do you take the necessary steps to protect your hair and scalp from the UV rays? Maybe not! Hot weather and gusty winds can make your scalp dry and your hair brittle. In addition to these, you often expose your hair to the styling tools such as blowers, curlers, straighteners which play havoc on your strands, making them look dull, dry and damaged. If you feel that your hair has been damaged, dry and frizzy due to excessive use of heating tools, then this article will be beneficial for you. Read till the end to understand how to protect and repair your heat damaged hair.

How Does Heat Affect Your Hair? 

Using heating tools at high temperatures assists in styling your hair in a better way but you often tend to forget that excessive heat and overuse of styling products can damage your hair, adding cracks in the cuticle layer and bubbles in the cortex. This leads to dry and frayed strands which makes your hair look dull, brittle and frizzy. Thermal damage can cause dehydration of your strands and depletes the protein layer of your hair. Here are some powerful hacks to protect your hair from thermal damage.

How To Protect And Revive Your Hair From Thermal Damage? 

Everyone feels that styling tools can create magic and make the hair look gorgeous. If you are among those who are into styling your hair regularly, then you need to account for the damage it does to your strands. Heat damaged hair has become a new norm. But yes, you can consciously protect your strands from the harmful effects of heat. Let’s find out how to safeguard your hair from thermal damage to make your hair look healthy and voluminous.

1. Avoid Further Damage

The most crucial step in fixing the heat damaged hair is to prevent further damage. If you want to use styling tools, remember to keep the temperature at the lowest. Keep your styling tools at least 5 inches away from your hair, while using them. High temperature and exposure to heat can damage the outer layer of your strands.

2. Use Heat Protector

While using a heating tool, always use a heat protector to minimize the damage caused by the heat on your strands.

Applying a heat protector spray all over your strands protects your hair and the cuticles from direct heat by forming a protective coating over the hair shaft. It also helps to seal the moisture inside.

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3. Include Nourishing Hair Care Products In Your Beauty Regime

To treat your heat damaged hair, stick to a regular hair care regime. Use a shampoo and conditioner which are specifically designed to repair the heat damaged hair. These haircare products revive your hair, add strength and elasticity to your strands. You can use a hydrating and nourishing hair cream or hair mask regularly to prevent hair breakage, hair loss and split ends, leaving your hair soft, smooth and well-hydrated.

4. Try No Heating Hairstyles 

Instead of frequently subjecting your hair to styling tools, try no heat hairstyles. There are plenty of trendy hairstyles which do not require the use of heating tools. You can simply go for loose plaits, messy low bun, a chic half updo bun, a high ponytail or a top knot. These hairstyles are simple, require no styling tools and no styling products, yet look so elegant. The best part is that these hairstyles are not at all time-consuming. In just a few minutes, you are ready to start the day with your fabulous hairstyle.

5. Avoid Towel Dry Your Hair 

When your hair is already damaged, avoid towel drying as it can create stress and friction between the strands, ultimately leading to hair loss and hair breakage. Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel can lead to hair breakage, which can cause extra damage your cuticle.

After a shower, let your hair air-dry or you can loosely wrap a cotton T-shirt around your head and let it dry naturally. Alternatively, you can use a micro-fibre cloth as well to dry your hair.

6. Handle Wet Hair With Care 

Wet hair is more prone to breakage, so it should be handled with care. Never brush your hair when it is wet. Professionals recommend using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

7. Brush Your Hair Gently 

Damaged hair is fragile and more vulnerable to breakage and hair loss. So you should be extra careful while handling damaged hair. Don’t brush your hair vigorously, use brushes with soft bristles to minimize hair damage.

8. Try A Hair Mask 

You can go for a hydrating and nourishing hair mask. It helps to make your dry, dull and frizzy hair more manageable and keeps the signs of damage and dryness at bay. Look for nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil etc. in your hair mask. We recommend adding Anveya Argan Oil And Jojoba Oil to your hair.


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Jojoba Oil
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9. Embrace Leave-Ins

Try leave-in conditioners as they keep your hair well-hydrated, soft and silky smooth. Leave-in conditioners provide round-the-clock protection to your strands, providing protection from UV rays and making your frizzy, dry hair more manageable.

10. Get Salon Treatments

If your hair is extremely damaged, then DIYs won’t be of much help. You need to seek professional treatment. Professional salon treatments can prove to be beneficial in treating the extremely damaged hair as such treatments contain active ingredients in high concentrations to treat your weak, fragile and over-processed strands.

Your hair expert will mix the hair damage treatment along with the nourishing and moisturizing shampoo, apply it all over your hair and scalp. As these damaged haircare treatments contain active ingredients and concentrated formulas which give immediate results, you will observe the instant transformation in the texture and appearance of your strands.

11. Trim Your Ends Frequently 

Split ends can steal the charm of your gorgeous looking hair by making it look dull, brittle, messy and frizzy. To prevent split ends, keep your hair well moisturized and your scalp well-nourished with the use of fortifying shampoos, conditioners, hair creams. It is a good idea to trim the ends frequently to prevent the split ends from getting out of control. By trimming the ends you will not lose the length of your strands, but it helps to keep your hair healthy, beautiful and voluminous.

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12. Protect Your Hair

Whenever you step out of your home, always wear a scarf, hat or use an umbrella to protect your strands from the harmful effect of the sun. Swimming is a good way to keep your body healthy but it is not healthy for your hair. Protect your hair from the chlorine water and other pool chemicals by wearing a swimming cap.

13. Keep Your Hair Well-Moisturized

Just like your skin your hair also requires moisturization. Dry hair is fragile and is the major cause for many other hair problems such as hair loss, hair breakage and split ends. So, to avoid these hair care issues, try to keep your hair well moisturized by using hydrating hair serums, hair vitalizers, leave-in conditioners and hydrating hair masks. Incase, you are looking for best hair serums and hair vitalizers you can try Anveya Hair Bae Hair Serum And Hair Growth vitalizer Serum to your gorgeous Hair.


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Hair Growth Vitalizer Serum
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Minimize the use of styling tools, choose your hair care products wisely and follow a regular hair care routine, this magic mantra will make your hair shiny, bouncy and healthy.




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