15 Surprising Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Skin and Hair

15 Surprising Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Skin and Hair

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Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans. It contains a high amount of fat and fatty acids.

Cocoa butter is also known as theobroma oil and is light or pale yellow in colour. Cocoa butter is used in making almost all types of chocolates and can be easily found in any nearby store or supermarket.

Apart from chocolates, it is used in many of the medical, haircare and skincare products. It is also used in a variety of cosmetics. Availability of various fatty acids and antioxidants in cocoa butter are the reasons we can see it everywhere as a constituent.

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter For Skin

1. Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks


  • Stretch marks occur due to stretching of the skin in later months of pregnancy, mainly in the abdomen. Besides pregnancy, it can be caused due to sudden weight loss or weight gain.
  • Cocoa butter, when applied on stretch marks, moisturizes the skin and removes the stretch marks significantly. It can be applied to any part of the body by a gentle massage, where stretch marks are present. It also provides nourishment to the skin.

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2. Cocoa Butter For Skin Discolouration

  • You can apply cocoa butter on the decoloured skin after clearing it with water. Apply cocoa butter on it daily and you can see the results soon. Cocoa butter contains oxidants which help in moisturising the skin. It helps in fading the dark spots present on the body and you will get beautiful and glowing skin easily. The fatty acids present in it hydrates the skin, increases the blood flow and makes your skin healthy and bright.

3. Cocoa Butter For Face Scars


  • It helps in removing scars present in the face and in addition, helps the face to glow. It heals the face and gives healthy skin.
  • Applying it daily with a soft hand enhances the effect and you can see the difference easily. Skin is repaired with its daily use.

4. Cocoa Butter For Skin Acne

  • Applying cocoa butter on skin clears the skin acne, removes the dryness and gives a better skin.
  • Apply cocoa butter softly on the face daily and it will help you gain healthy and beautiful skin. It helps in removing acne from the skin and also provides nourishment to it.

5. Cocoa Butter For Loose Skin


  • Loose skin is produced commonly due to weight loss in the abdomen and other parts of the body. Cocoa butter can be applied gently on the loose skin as it helps in tightening the skin and helps in its cure.
  • It helps in maintaining the texture of the skin and gives a healthy and beautiful skin.

6. Cocoa Butter As An Antioxidant

  • Cocoa butter contains a high amount of antioxidants which helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin glowing and youthful.
  • Applying cocoa butter daily helps in fighting against free radicle which is the main cause of ageing. Cocoa butter delays ageing and makes your skin youthful and cheerful.
  • From moistening the skin to soothing it, the importance of Cocoa butter is very high due to the presence of antioxidants.

7. Cocoa Butter For Skin Pigmentation


  • Cocoa butter for skin pigmentation is also a common benefit. Cocoa butter can be applied on the face and other parts of the body where you feel the skin is pigmented as it helps in the evening the skin tone and also provides moisture to it. You can gently massage the cocoa butter on your skin and it will increase the blood circulation, hydrating the skin, giving you a clear and pretty skin tone.
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8. Cocoa Butter For Hydration Of Skin

  • Cocoa butter contains a number of fatty acids which are responsible for providing moisture to the skin.
  • Cocoa butter can be easily applied to the skin and used in winters to cope up with dry and hard skin. Applying it on a daily basis provides nourishment and you get healthy and glowing skin.
  • It also clears the face and makes it beautiful and hydrated throughout the day.

9. cocoa Butter In Skin Rejuvenation


  • Cocoa butter, when applied on the skin, passes to deep layers giving a significant and beneficial effect.
  • It provides freshness and energy to the skin by boosting the blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin by healing it. Skin becomes more hydrated when treated with cocoa butter every day. It refreshes the skin and makes it more healthy and beautiful than before.

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10. Cocoa Butter In Healing Damaged Skin

  • Cocoa butter cures the damaged skin and makes it smooth and bright. It removes the dryness and dullness of skin and rejuvenates it. It soothes the skin making it more beautiful.
  • Cocoa butter should be applied by massaging gently on the skin and you can see the results easily.

Benefits Of Cocoa Butter For Hair

Varying from skin benefits to hair care benefits, cocoa butter provides a range of satisfactory help. It provides a variety of solutions which can be applied easily. It acts as a natural remedy for many hair related issues and is an assured product for hair care.

It helps in smoothening of hair and heals dry and damaged hair.

1. Cocoa Butter For Hair Loss


  • Melt some cocoa butter and apply it softly on the hairs and scalp. Wash it after 15 to 20 minutes as it will become solid after some time and will be hard to remove from the hair.
  • It will treat the damaged hair and scalp and will make the roots strong and nourished resulting in very less hair loss.
  • Cocoa butter contains healing properties and therefore prevents hair fall and hair damage.

2. Cocoa Butter As A Conditioner

  • Apply a small amount of Cocoa butter after shampoo and it will act as a conditioner for your hair. Using cocoa butter will provide nourishment and will help in smoothening of hair.
  • It will ensure treatment of dry and damaged hair and will give you shining and soft hairs.
  • It also makes hair tangle free and soft. It soothes the cuticle resulting in black and manageable hairs. As cocoa butter is made up of fatty acid it forms a protective barrier in the scalp which ensures moisture in the hairs.

3. Strengthens And Protects Hair


  • Applying cocoa butter also increases the strength of hair and makes them strong. It protects hair from dust and sun.
  • It makes hair healthy and strong and rejuvenates them to become more nourished and long. It removes frizzy hairs and dullness and recovers them, giving a new life.

4. Adds Volume To Hair

  • It protects hair from dust and sun radiations and nurtures them with its properties.
  • It thickens hair and adds volume to it. It also protects hair from chlorinated water as well.
  • Now, as you know cocoa butter’s effects, you should not feel bad about any hair-related issue.

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    5. Cocoa Butter For Hair Growth


    • Cocoa butter for hair care is a natural method to cure the hair and to promote their growth. Applying cocoa butter on the hair and scalp before washing is very useful for hair. Cocoa butter provides nourishment to the hair due to the presence of various kinds of fatty acid in it. It clears the scalp and allows hairs to grow faster.
    • It is very easy to apply and should be applied to 15 to 20 minutes, just before taking a shower.


    Cocoa butter is used in many of the skincare and hair care products and is highly beneficial for the body. It has many uses and benefits for health.

    Using natural ingredients instead of chemical products is way better for our health and as cocoa butter is naturally extracted fatty acid, it is far better than any of the chemicals we use. Cocoa butter can be used at any time at your home with ease.




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