7 Benefits of Bergamot Oil

7 Benefits of Bergamot Oil (Infograhic)

Bergamot oil is perhaps most well known for its inclusion in black tea preparations; Earl Grey tea is black tea mixed with bergamot oil. Extracted from the bergamot orange plant, Citrus bergamia, bergamot oil has a citrusy smell with floral undertones. It is a South Asian tropical plant but thrives in Europe as well. Its lovely fragrance and numerous health benefits make bergamot oil a popular choice in aromatherapy treatments, skincare products, natural insect repellents, and air fresheners.

Due to its antibacterial, analgesic and relaxing properties, the bergamot oil benefits are many. It is commonly used in aromatherapy for calming nervousness and uplifting emotions. Its analgesic properties relieve headaches, and also make it a good massage oil for various muscle pains and injuries. Bergamot oil’s disinfectant and antibacterial properties help to heal skin wounds and prevent infections. Another bergamot oil benefit is its ability to treat worms, particularly in children, and other intestinal infections.

Using bergamot oil for hair can result in healthier and shinier tresses. Bergamot oil enhances blood circulation in the scalp, and its antimicrobial properties also cleanse your scalp of any dirt and chemical build-up, leaving hair follicles freer to breathe.  For more bergamot oil benefits, see the infographic below.

7 Benefits of Bergamot Oil




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