9 Benefits of Geranium Oil

9 Benefits of Geranium Oil (Infographic)

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Despite being extracted from the leaves rather than the flowers of the Geranium plant, geranium oil has a lovely aroma, making it a frequent choice in aromatherapy treatments. In fact, due to having similar properties to rose oil, geranium oil is commonly used as a more affordable alternative, although it has many of its own healing benefits.

Some of these geranium oil benefits include faster healing of wounds, preventing infection and reducing inflammation. Geranium oil can eliminate worms from the intestine, and maintain a healthy digestive system. Its ability to minimize scars and spots on the skin makes it useful as an anti-aging agent as well. Using geranium oil for hair regulates oil produced in the scalp, and promotes hair growth. Geranium oil’s fragrance makes it useful as a deodorant as well. See the infographic below for more benefits of geranium oil.

9 Benefits of Geranium Oil




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