Amazing Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Hair

Amazing Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Hair

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In our day to day life, the essential oils have an important role to play. People have shed their inhibitions towards essential oils and have become inclined towards a holistic way of living. Essential Oil is becoming a popular alternative for those who want to go natural and treat common skin and hair problems.

Our hair has to go through a lot of wear and tear due to our hectic schedules and environmental factors. Ultimately our hair becomes thin, dull and dry which is accompanied by hair loss, dandruff. To make your hair strong and healthy, you should follow a proper hair regime. Oiling your hair is very important to keep your scalp and hair hydrated and well-nourished. Mixing a few drops of essential oil to your hair oil will be an added benefit. If you want to pamper your hair with essential oils, you have a lot of options to choose from. One such essential oil is Chamomile Oil because, since time immemorial, Chamomile Oil is being used to treat various skin and hair conditions. Because of its incredible properties Chamomile Oil is increasingly being used in treating various hair care issues. Let’s explore more about this amazing essential oil-Chamomile Oil.

What Is Chamomile Oil?

Chamomile Oil is derived from the flowers of the chamomile plant through the process of steam distillation. Chamomile Oil has 2 variants -Roman Chamomile Oil and German Chamomile Oil. Both are native of Europe, though cultivated around the world. Both the variants are known for their smell and appearance.

Roman Chamomile Oil 

It has got a light blue and yellow colour and has got a light floral fragrance. It helps to induce a good sleep, reduce stress and anxiety. Due to its anti-inflammatory property, Roman Chamomile Oil is very effective in treating health issues like muscle pain, joint pain, spasms and headache.

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German Chamomile Oil 

This oil is dark blue in colour and has a musky fragrance with an earthy undertone. German Chamomile Oil is mainly effective in treating dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Benefits Of Chamomile Oil For Hair 

Chamomile Oil For Hair

Chamomile is one of the ancient medicinal herbs known to mankind and it is interesting to know that the Egyptians were the first to discover this amazing oil. Since time immemorial, Chamomile Oil was used to treat various health conditions such as fever, insomnia, cold.  On the other hand, Chamomile Oil has its own set of beauty benefits as well. Thanks to its incredible properties which make it a must-have essential oil in your kitty. Let’s find out how is Chamomile Oil beneficial for your hair

1. Nourishes Your Hair 

Chamomile Oil nourishes your hair by keeping it moisturized. Its healing properties help to fight the damage caused by harmful UV rays of sun, dirt, dust and grime. It helps to keep your hair soft and smooth.

2. Keeps It Frizz-Free

Frequent use of shampoo strips off the natural oil from your hair, making your hair dry and frizzy. The Vitamins and essential nutrients present in Chamomile Oil helps restore the natural oil balance of your hair and scalp thus keeping your hair hydrated and well-nourished making it soft and smooth. This amazing oil is very effective against dry and brittle hair. It effectively detangles your hair and keeps it frizz-free whole day long.

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3. Natural Anti Dandruff Agent 

Dandruff can be a major cause for all your hair problems. Dandruff may be due to clogged pores and dry scalp. Chamomile Oil is very effective in treating dandruff as it exhibits strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property. It effectively kills all the germs and bacteria, thus preventing any scalp infection. Chamomile Oil helps to soothe the dry and inflamed scalp. It helps to keep your scalp hydrated, thus preventing dandruff.

4. Enriches Your Hair Colour

You can easily lighten your hair without using any chemical bleach as Chamomile Oil is known to brighten up your hair instantly. Hair rinse with Chamomile Oil helps to subtly add natural highlights. Adding a few drops of Chamomile Oil to the henna mixture also helps to add natural highlights.

5. Adds Shine And Lustre 

Chamomile Oil helps to add natural shine to your hair. It helps to condition your hair, thus adding lustre to your hair. A few drops of Chamomile Oil to your towel-dried hair makes your hair soft and shiny.

6. Prevents Hair Fall

The healing property of Chamomile Oil helps to repair the damaged skin cells and tissues. The terpenes, flavonoids and sesquiterpenes help to strengthen your hair follicles from within and make your hair strong, thus preventing hair loss.

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7. Promote Hair Growth 

In order to have healthy hair, you should have a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp should be devoid of any infection, dandruff, which leads to hair thinning and hair fall. Chamomile Oil helps to restore the damaged hair follicles. It helps to boost collagen production, which helps in the growth of hair. It also increases the elasticity of your hair, thus preventing hair breakage.

8. Beneficial For Oily Hair 

Excess of sebum production by the scalp can lead to many scalp and hair issues. Chamomile Oil controls the excess of sebum production by the scalp

9. Strengthens The Damaged Hair

Chamomile Oil is rich in Vitamin C and E and the antioxidants present in it help to fight free radicals which are formed due to excessive exposure to sunlight, pollution. These free radicals cause damage to the hair follicles which results in hair fall. Chamomile Oil which has antioxidants effectively fight free radicals. The oil’s healing property helps to repair the damaged hair follicles, thus adding strength to your tresses.

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DIY Recipe Using Chamomile Oil For Healthy Hair 

We all want to have shiny, gorgeous and healthy hair. It may seem to be difficult, but can be easily achieved. Unhealthy lifestyle, excessive use of styling products and use of alcoholic beverages can damage your strands making your hair dull, dry and thin. But this condition of the hair is treatable with the help of natural oil and essential oil, which help to hydrate your scalp and hair. We have come up with a DIY Chamomile remedy for strengthening your hair from roots to tips and which will prove to be a sure shot solution for all your hair woes. All you need is a carrier oil (Jojoba Oil), Chamomile Oil, Sandalwood Oil and Lavender Oil. If you have all these things ready, then you are good to go.

  • Jojoba Oil - Jojoba Oil is quite similar to your body’s sebum and helps to keep your hair and scalp hydrated. It prevents dryness which leads to hair fall.
  • Chamomile Oil - Chamomile is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe the irritated or inflamed scalp, thus preventing dandruff. It promotes relaxation giving relief from stress and anxiety.
  • Sandalwood Oil - An essential oil which is known for its distinct fragrance. This essential oil has immense moisturizing properties due to which it is widely used in many skincare and haircare products. Sandalwood Oil helps to improve blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
  • Lavender Oil - Needless to say that Lavender Oil is considered an all-rounder because of its incredible properties. Lavender Oil is rich in antioxidants, exhibits anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial properties which work together giving you a problem-free scalp and a healthy hair.


  • 3 tablespoon of Jojoba Oil
  • 3 drops of Chamomile Oil
  • 6 Drops of sandalwood Oil
  • 6 Drops of Lavender Oil
  • Glass jar


  1. Take a glass jar and add 3 drops of Chamomile Oil
  2. To this add 6 drops each of Lavender and Sandalwood Oil.
  3. Add 3 tablespoon of Jojoba Oil to this mixture. Mix well.
  4. Apply this nourishing mixture on to your scalp and hair.
  5. Leave it for at least an hour before washing off.
  6. Do this once or twice a week.

After a few rounds of using this diy, you will see a noticeable difference in the texture of your hair. You can feel that dryness of your scalp and hair has become less and your frizzy hair has become manageable. Your hair looks well-nourished, hydrated and shiny like never before.

Side Effects Of Chamomile Oil

All essential oils are potent in nature and should be handled with care and precaution. Chamomile Oil should be kept away from children. If Chamomile Oil gets into your eyes, wash your eyes with plain water immediately. Always perform a patch test on your skin to check for any allergic reaction. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to chamomile or any other plant from Ragweed family. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid using German Chamomile Oil. Rare cases of allergic reaction in people have been reported. Some side effects of chamomile oil include dizziness, vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing, rashes, hives, coughing or wheezing. Immediately reach out for a doctor if you notice any of these symptoms.




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